Flaws in our philosophy of change

I suppose you have heard of all the racial problems that are affecting our nation right now.With the death of George Floyd and the recent police brutality the problems that were meant to be abolished decades ago have risen.Many protests and riots have occurred and the world is taking a stand against this such behavior.Of course, I completely agree that what has been going on is extremely unacceptable and shouldn’t even be a reality in our point in time.However,I do believe that there are various flaws on the way we perceive to stop the violence and injustice in our nation.

First off, I want to firmly establish that I completely support the Black lives matter movement.I share many views that the movement promotes and I want to stop the injustice in our country.I am simply going to state what I believe would help solve our country’s problems.

One of the things that I believe would make the movement most effective is to promote our message in a way that will make more people join the cause.An issue that we face is simply ourselves.We protest police brutality,racism, and violence by using violence.We cannot protest police brutality by harassing cops.Just as we shouldn’t protest racial violence by burning down half of our country.I do not say this because I do not support the movement,but because I want our voices to be heard in a better way.By burning down our country and by harassing cops,we do not promote our ideals in a right manner.We just scare away other people who were going to join the movement.We must promote the movement so that more and more people join the cause,and we become more voices.I understand that most of the people who protest aren’t violent at all,but if we could reduce the number of riots,we would be incredibly more effective.We would create a firm philosophy that the world admires,instead of countering the philosophies and changes we seek to make.

Secondly,we should reduce some double standards that we make.Especially on social media,a lot of double standards are created.For example,the idea that all cops are bad has circulated around the internet.It is totally fine to do so and say that all cops are evil and miserable.But you are a horrible person if you say all protestors are rioters.There is a bit of flaws in that ideology.We can generalize all cops or white people, if you’d like,and nothing would happen.But if you generalize anyone in the movement it is automatically

oppression.We shouldn’t generalize at all on neither side.We should focus on changing the system in our country instead of generalizing other people and targeting them.This also is connected to promoting the movement better.By generalizing,we do not promote the movement in a good way.Instead,we make the movement look ridiculous,which of course we do not want.

In conclusion,the biggest obstacle we face is ourselves.We are the hurdle to our own benefits.We are a big reason why change has not yet come in our communities.There are various flaws in the way we approach justice.We have some double standards and policies inside our movement that contradicts our main ideals of justice and equality.For example,we protest police brutality and racial violence by rioting.We burn down our cities expecting that it will bring change.The way we promote the movement is completely erroneous,we must protest more peacefully and not contradict ourselves in order to have more people join the movement.We also create double standards by generalizing other people.Such as,saying all cops are bad.But when we get generalized it is oppression.We must stop these double standards,which make our movement look ridiculous.I made this not because I deeply oppose the movement or because I disagree with it’s beliefs.But I make this because I want our voices to be heard louder and I want change to be brought into our communities.I want us to be more effective in promoting justice and equality.I want us to have a firm philosophy with no contradictions.I want the world to admire our movement of peaceful protesting which brings rightful change into our communities.

Miguel Fernandez Jr. – The Latin School – DMSF