My mom is a superhero!

My mother is an amazing person. I will just put that out there right now. She has overcome so many hardships and obstacles throughout her life. She is one of the most caring and supportive people I know, and she never fails to gain my admiration with everything she does. Everyday I am thankful to have a mother like her, to be raised by her, and to be taught important life lessons. These are the lessons that I will certainly remember and use for the rest of my life. 

My mother is a Mexican immigrant who came to America to live with my father. When my mom had my older brother, her life drastically changed. My mother was new to being a parent, so she had a hard time at first. After a while things started to go smoothly. My mother then had me, and at that point she had gotten the hang of parenting and things were going smoothly for a good while. All throughout this time, my mom was working to keep the family afloat.

 A couple of years ago our family went into hard times, we were low on money and things were not looking too good. My dad, who was retired at this point, didn’t have enough  money to pay off the bills. My mom started working two jobs simultaneously so we could still have food on the table. She worked extremely hard during these dark times to maintain me and my brother’s education while also supporting the family. Without her, I don’t know where I would be in my education or even in life itself. She always tried to keep our spirits up by always having a smile on her face or hugging and kissing us. My father eventually sold the house and we moved to a veteran’s apartment. We are now living very well but I know for a fact that we would be where we are now if it weren’t for my mom. 

My mother is such an inspiration in my life and I know that she will always be. I owe everything to my mom for never giving up and working so hard for us. She exhausted herself each and every day to earn enough money to continue me and my brother’s education and at the same time take care of the family’s basic needs. She is by far the most hard working person I have ever seen, and I hope to be as hard working as her when I grow older, and even now. She overcame various obstacles, from immigrating to America, not knowing the language, and surviving living how we were, she really is a superhero in my eyes. I love her with  all my heart, and I owe my life to her. 

Gilbert Jacobi – St. Ignatius – DMSF

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash