Reopening schools

    I was shocked to hear that schools might reopen in the fall. A few months ago, people were told to stay at home and keep a safe distance away from other people. Now the government thinks it is safe to bring students back into schools. As this fact starts to haunt the minds of all students across the country, political leaders that are safe and away from the pandemic are trying to reopen schools. Because of this, now millions of students are put at risk. 

As COVID-19 started to affect our lives, we were told to stay at home and keep a distance away from others. As time went by, more and more people started to get infected, causing death to thousands of people on the planet. As little as a breath can pass the virus onto another person. Even though it is permitted to wear a mask, people are still getting infected from coming in contact with objects that other people have touched. As more time goes by, more confirmed cases are adding up. 

    If schools reopen more lives are in danger. As many political leaders said, the younger generation is important because they are the future of our country. If they are the future of our country then how will bringing students back into classrooms help keep them safe in order to have an impact in the future. How will schools with thousands of students enforce a social distancing rule? How will schools expect Pre-k students to wear a mask or even stay away from their friends? This will definitely ruin the overall experience that students will have. Imagine not being able to go to senior prom. Reopening schools will ruin the overall experience for all students. 

    Reopening schools is a bad idea because of how dangerous it is. More students will get infected and more lives will be in danger. When students come back to school, their overall experience will be ruined because of how different the rules are going to be. It is much safer to keep online learning than it is to bring millions of students into schools. And lastly, the government should try to protect the current generation, and not try to kill it by bringing people back together. 

Volodymyr Sobko – St. Ignatius – DMSF