Chapter 1(1037): I was just unlucky …

Leon had just gotten up from his normal T.V. binging. He found the gift he had given his little sister, Lucy, on the kitchen table. Strange, knowing her, that it would have been absolutely destroyed by now. Even a gift from the brother she claims to hate, would not be utterly annihilated. Curious, he goes to look for her.

The house they live in is just a normal movie-like house. Attic, second floor, ground floor, basement. See a normal movie house, so looking for her would be easy, right? He goes around the house turning on a couple lights looking for her.

“Lucy,” Leon shouts. Nothing. Odd, the walls aren’t exactly paper thin, but he should have at least heard a grown. “Lucy!,” he shouts louder this time. Still nothing. She couldn’t have left. The T.V. is right by the door. Even louder he shouts her name. “LUCY!” Nothing for a third time.

This is very strange, very, very strange. Worried, he decides to text her before panicking. Instead of helping, it makes him even more worried as he sees the time: 2:35 AM. Their parents work late, yes, but not this late! Skipping over the texting, Leon calls Lucy first. He calms down after hearing her ringtone in the kitchen. “She must have hid in a cabinet to get away from him,” he thought.

Heading to the kitchen he sighed and said “I know you’re in there.” Nothing. Just more nothing. She normally gives up when he calls out her mischief. He sighs again and opens the cabinet. Just some dishes.  He opens another cabinet, more dishes. Again and again no human life was found, just dishes. He hoped this last cabinet, this last hiding spot, this last place you can’t find someone unless you look for them. Nothing, No one but dishes and air. But… her phone…  it… it rang… it… it… it was in a chair.  It was in a chair. That’s impossible; she never goes anywhere without it.

His first thought was to his call mom and dad. They would surely answer right? He tried his mother first. It went straight to voicemail. That’s ok. That’s normal, it happens all the time. His father never shuts his phone off. Not even in meetings. So of course he would answer.

“Hello?” He picked up… He picked up!  This is a very good sign, Leon thought.

“Um dad thank god you picked up I–” He started. “Just kidding, this is voicemail” Every word the phone spoke to him felt like a stab in the back. “‘If you need something leave your message after the beep. Beeep.”

An overwhelming terror overtook him. He can’t find his sister; he can’t contact his parents, and all the lights are turned off. All the lights turned off? All the lights turned off! What just happened. Why are all the lights off? How are all the lights off?!  What’s going on?!

“Maybe Mom and Dad forgot to pay the light bill,” he said, trying to calm himself. “But I saw mom pay it last week!,” he disputes with himself. “Maybe the breaker just busted,” he said trying to calm himself again. “Breakers don’t just bust!” He argues with himself again.

All of a sudden, a faint light came from behind him. “Well, at least I can see,” he thought. “Wait a minute, isn’t this the part in horror movies where the killer is standing in the source of the light menacingly?”

Leon decides to risk turning around. Bad idea, very very bad idea. At least he was right. There they were. The killer(?) was standing at around 6’1, wearing a full face mask and a cloak — an outfit those cosplayers who Lucy watches would wear. Leon was pretty fit so he could probably take him on… if he wasn’t holding a mix of blunt and sharp weapons blunt and sharp. The killer(?) took one step forward and Leon was out of there. The second he was around the corner, I dashed to the entrance.

Keniah Morgan – DMSF

Trinity High School

Photo by Christian Mackie on Unsplash