The will to grow

Dear younger me,

For me, when I was younger it was just about making friends, fitting in, getting good grades, and trying my best to impress everyone. If I got the chance to talk to my younger self and tell them something, it would be to live life and not try to please other people. Be yourself. While making friends, fitting in, and getting good grades are great, it is not what I want to live on. I would also not be as shy. I would never feel comfortable sharing my mind when I was a kid. I would tell myself to not worry about other people’s opinions.

 As a kid, I was really quiet. Teachers even had to talk to my parents about it. So when I finally started to talk more, I realized it was a good thing. Then came along friends. I would always want to be like them. Always try to be in their friend groups. I realize now it’s not about the friends I have since I won’t see or hear from most of them when I’m older. Making a good impression is always something you should do. But never try to be someone else. 

I also never understood the purpose of education. While I was making good grades. My sisters and peers were making better ones. I always made it seem like competition even though it’s not. I always wanted to be like my sisters. You might just think I looked up to them, but no, I wanted to actually be them. I wanted to magically wake up one day and be them or how people say be exactly like them. I wanted to have their intelligence. I wanted to have their social skills. I wanted to be like them. Now looking back on it, I do look up to my sisters and peers but nothing more. Now that I am more focused on myself (my mental and physical health), I learned that being me rocks. Sure there are sometimes that I wish I was them, but then I remember how just because they do good and try hard, doesn’t mean I can’t either. 

When I grow older people might hate on me for the way I look. Just because I’m too skinny, too black, or too small. Just know you can’t change those things, even if you try. No matter who makes fun of you could be your friend, a stranger, or maybe even your best friends, never let that get you down. People are going to hate on you just to make themselves feel better about their situation.  

If I knew then what I know now I would take things slow. Not put too much pressure on me. I would also not let others’ opinions get in the way of something I could do. Not to let people take me down. I would say “be strong”.


Your Future Self

Photo by Ben Urcan on StockSnap

Boluwatife Owomoyela – Chicago Waldorf – DMSF

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