Moon landing

Enrique Rodriguez/Unity Junior High school/DMSF

After watching multiple videos, reading multiple articles the question must be asked, was the moon landing faked? Different opinions with different pieces of evidence of both. One simple reason why the moon landing could have been faked was to show who was the stronger nation, with the competition rising during that era (space race). People questioned if the moon landing was fake, but NASA Experts revealed evidence that proves the moon landing was real. As I read in an article states “About 400,000 scientists, engineers, technologists, machinists, electricians, worked on the Apollo program, Fienberg points out.” Another point of view is Some people mentioned that you cannot see the stars in the moon landing photos. The sun’s light reflects on the moon causing the contrast of the stars to go away. Also, in the video posted in 1969, where the camera’s really that good to capture the stars with the reflection of the stars? People may also say that you can clearly see the footprints of the astronauts, others say that the dust would have covered the footprints already. There is no atmosphere on the moon, correct? Why is the flag placed down swaying? The shadows shown in the video were also facing the wrong direction and were supposed to be parallel. People may also say that Earth-based telescopes should be able to see any evidence of the lunar landing sites. Based on different articles, they say some people believed that there was too much radiation for those humans to be able to go through which made part of this impossible. Ruling out the conspiracy these astronauts brought back moon rock which was studied closely and proven to be real. Finally, different opinions are everywhere but you are the only ones that can make you believe something.

Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories: Where Do They Come From? - Rolling Stone