Lizard-Reptilian shapeshifters take over the Human Generation 

This conspiracy theory dates back to ancient times. It states that “lizard people” arrived on Earth in ancient times to control the human generation. It was in decline for centuries but came back to life in the 19th century. In 2008 this theory found its way to Minnesota’s midterm ballot. In 2013 this theory was believed by 4 percent of people worldwide. Around 12 million people believe in this theory. Many people who believe in aliens also believe in this conspiracy. 

This theory states that blood drinking reptilians of extraterrestrial origin have been controlling the world for centuries. The goal of this process was to gain control of the world by obtaining positions of power and influence such as : royalty, politicians, popular entertainers, etc. Sounds crazy right…? Yes.  Harmless? Definitely not. Lizard people are cold-blooded humanoid reptilians who have the power to transform-shapeshift into human form.  No one would ever believe that a race of reptilian beings not only invaded Earth but that they also created a genetically modified lizard-human hybrid called the “Babylonian”. This global reptilian species has a membership list including Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, Mick Jagger and even Rihanna.

 This conspiracy theory is backed up by the evidence in 2019 QAnon was accused of murdering his own brother because he believed he was a lizard.  Another piece of evidence that states this conspiracy could be true is on March 4, 2013 a video showing a security agent with unusual features guarding a speech made by former President Barack Obama.  However, Caitlyn Hayden, the chief for the National Security Council stated that “ any alleged program to guard the preswith aliens or robots would likely have to be scaled back or eliminated in the sequester. This is referencing a congressional plan to cut defense funding and it also states that The Barack Obama video in March, 2013 is not real evidence about the lizard theory. If it were real evidence the National Security Council would not shut it down. But there is always a possibility the National Security Guard partners with these reptilians also known as “ lizard people”. The third piece of evidence takes place on December 25, 2020 an RV exploded in downtown Nashville where a 63 year old man named Anthony Warner is responsible for this bombing. Anthony Warner sent packages to friends and family that included letters stating that lizard people were controlling the world; these packages also included several magazines and newspapers about conspiracy theories. This conspiracy theory has driven people to insanity and many mental illnesses. which has lead to suicide. Anon quotes “ reptilians act as an explainer for the evil that has befallen them or the world .This quote shows us that reptiles have snarky attitudes and are very greedy because they react poorly when faced with evil; they also have a lot of greed wanting to run the human world.

All these claims of lizard-people have been properly dismissed. If this theory were true, then the human race is being manipulated by an elite group of shapeshifting reptiles. This bizarre myth has even been denied by people who have been called a lizard person.This myth also started years ago and there is no possible way reptiles can literally brainwash the entire United States human population into gaining power. Although fascinating, this claim seems rather impossible. How would they just control and brainwash us humans like that? Fortunately there is a chance that this theory will soon return again and hopefully be answered. But the main question is are you a “lizard person”? 

 Aryanna Aguas 

Saint Ignatius College Prep ‘26

Image: Pixabay Stock photo ID:177744285