My Special Person

This person is someone who I hold very dearly to me. She is more like my best friend but she is my aunt. I have never met anyone that can just click as we do. Me and her can be talking about anything and I feel right at home. We support each other through anything and everything. She is my home, but you may be wondering what makes her so special? She is just a person like everyone else so why is she so important? 

There is this saying people say “thick through thin” and that would be a way to express how it is. My aunt has been with me through thick and thin. She has been there with the good times and the really bad ones. I would like to show my appreciation to her because of it. So here I would like to give an example of what she has helped me get through. She is the reason why I got my whole life together before I started going down the wrong path. Through most trauma she was there by my side and never left. She was able to give me the extra comfort that was needed. I will forever be grateful for that. Seeing her not being her best self is really a punch in the gut. I feel like I have been beat up by 5 people. I still try my best to be there for her like how she would with me. 

First I would like to say no disrespect to my mom because she is also amazing, but my aunt is like a second mother to me. I stick to her like glue, I am always with her whether she likes it or not. We had our ups and downs as well but we can never stay mad at each other. We never leave off on bad terms. We always fix what may seem broken. That’s the true power of a good relationship. 

People have asked me if I ever seem to get bored of her. I do not see myself getting bored of her after so much we have been through. We are able to share things that have gone on in the past that really help us both. Even after all those secrets we told each other there is no going back now! We are probably the only people who are able to listen and understand our point of views. Since nobody can, we have each other who we rely on. Yes, she has only done so much for me which makes her so special, but even so I wouldn’t want to burden her trying so hard to please me in a way. She deserves almost everything I can give her. Anything I can afford, she deserves it all. There is only so much I can say about her. In my 14 years of living I don’t think I can ever replace her. It would never be the same with anyone else other than her. 

I only want to do so much to be there for her like she is for me. Nobody has ever stood by my side for such a long time, so having her there is such an amazing feeling. I am never too big on my feelings to people but I am certain I do love her. 

Lizel Ruiz – Chicago Hope Academy – DMSF Class of 2026

Image: Lizel Ruiz