Try to get involved in dancing

I have been dancing ever since I was 10. Dancing has changed the way I view myself. For some time now I have had a passion for dancing because it is something you don’t have to be necessarily good at when you start it. You can become better at it over time. Dancing might not be what you like to do, but you should try it.

Dancing is something I desire to do because it brings me joy. The benefits of dancing is being able to be yourself, getting good exericse , and it allows you to be energetic. My life has changed because of dancing because I have been able to show who I am as a person because of it. Dancing became something I desired because I was very interested in music , so I started to put my dance skills to the test. I have begun adding music to my dance to incorporate my dance moves.

Dancing has  allowed me to myself because it allows me to show my self expression by being able to act out how I feel . It also allows me to be creative through the dance movements I do.

An experience that I have had through dancing is ballet. The type of  ballet  I did was modern dance. I did it with my after school program in the summer. I had to practice every afternoon with the other ballet partcipants who were also doing it.One of the dance positions I had to learn to be able to do was the sasha. 

I would like you to get you to get more involved in dancing.Some reasons for that it can show your insirpation, and it can be refreshing. I say it can show your inspiration in other words being creative because when you dance you can show the type of dance style you do, shown through the movement you do. I also say it can be refreshing because it can allow you to relax.This means that dancing can allow you to show who you are as a person . 

A hisorical fact I have gathererd about creativty when it comes to dance is it gives students a way to act their emotions out in real life. When it comes to dancing being refreshing I gathered that it can relieve stress by making things that are viewed in a negative light be able to be viewed more posivitely.

I would like to elaborate that dancing can also relieve exasperated feelings. I say that because when anyone has anger built up inside of them,they can use dancing to relieve their anger by moving around their body by using music. They can do that to express their feelings.This is a way you can show how you feel about a situation through dancing.This shows that dancing can help people what they’re going through.

I hope you try to dance , even if it does not work for you. This is a passion that has become a part of who I am. Dancing has played a part in my community. It has been done by me and my friends coming up with dance routines then teaching other people how to do them. It has also been a hobby for me that I do on the regular.

If you do not know how to dance then I recommend taking dance classes. I say that becaause you will need to know some type of structure in order to dance.

Lastly, to convince you to try dancing is because you can get more active. Dancing can get you moving around .This will lead you to build your muscles up, and it will be a good exercise. Another benefit of dancing is that you can believe in yourself. My reason for that is because you can show confidence by being who you are, and not worrying about what others would say. To conclude, dancing is my passion and I hope you attempt to do it.

Alena Martin – Trinity High School – DMSF Class of 2026

Image: Forest Simon on Unsplash