You’ve Got to Binge-Watch Twilight

Do you believe that vampires and werewolves are real? Well if you do, maybe you will consider binge watching Twilight. I am a true binge watching fan of Twilight. There are five series of Twilight you have: Twilight,Twilight Saga New Moon,Twilight Saga Eclipse,Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn part 1 and Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn part 2. 

   The first movie Twilight is mainly about Bella Swan and Edward Cullen meeting and the beginning of their story. Bella was just this girl who moved back to Forks,Washington after her mother got remarried and she met this boy Edward Cullen who is a vampire at the school she transferred to. Bella had her suspicions about Edward but once Bella was surrounded by a group of men with bad intentions and Edward pulled up in his car to save her, she officially knew that something was going on with Edward. Once Bella figured out that Edward was a vampire she was amazed at how his skin looks like tiny diamonds all across his chest and his face. Bella also has a friend Jacob Black who is a werewolf. Even Though the vampires and the werewolves live in the same community they do not like each other. Jacob and Bella had been friends since they were little and Jacob was delighted to hear that Bella was back in town. But Jacob also liked Bella and since Edward and Bella liked each other and that was a problem since the vampires and the werewolves do not like each other at all. 

   Now for the second movie which is Twilight Saga New Moon that is mainly about the break up between Bella and Edward and how he thought he was doing what’s best for her. Bella also found out something about her friend Jacob. In this movie it was Bella’s birthday, Edward and his family were celebrating Bella’s birthday. But her finger ended up getting cut a little bit but even though it was just a little bit of blood the newest member of the Cullen family which is Jasper who couldn’t control the burning sensation inside of him that was telling him just to feed on Bella’s blood. Normal vampires feed on blood but the Cullens are no ordinary vampires,the Cullen family are vegetarian vampires which means instead of feeding on people and drinking their blood they feed on animals. Since Jasper is a newly vampire and just recently joined the Cullen family he does not have the control of resisting people’s blood like the rest of the Cullen family. Edward was worried because he knew that Bella was continuously going to be in some type of danger since she is a human and she is dealing with Edward and his family which are all vampires. So Edward took that into consideration and decided that he was to leave and get out of Bella’s life so he would not put her in any more danger just by him being in her life. Bella had got so attached to Edward so when he left and was out of her life completely she went into a depressed state and she was a whole different person and it was not in a good way. But luckily she had Jacob to hang out with but even though Jacob was there for Bella, she did not recover from that depressed state properly. Bella tried to kill herself and after Edward called and Jacob said that there was going to be a funeral Edward thought he meant Bella’s funeral. Bella and Alice went to Edward and Bella sacrificed herself for Edward but not having to die since Alice had a vision of her becoming a vampire. Alice proposed that she will turn Bella into a vampire and once Edward and Bella got back to Forks,Washington they were having a conversation about the situation. After Edward realized that he would not be able to change Bella’s mind from wanting to be a vampire he said marry me. 

    Next is the third movie which is Twilight Saga Eclipse. This is around the time of their graduation and it also has some conflict. The killing rate in Seattle was growing and the Cullens knew that it was the newborns and the newborns were a form or state of a vampire when they just turned. Since the newborns have just turned into a vampire their thirst for blood is more heightened for a month versus a vampire that’s used to being a vampire. Newborns are very vicious and do not care about their victims as long as they are getting blood they are fine. Some vampire was in Bella’s room and when Edward got to Bella house he went upstairs and smelled a scent that he did not recognize. Since Edward and Jacob agreed that Bella wouldn’t be safe they basically took turns watching Bella and making sure she is okay.

While Bella was with Jacob he confessed to her that he is in love with her and he refused to accept the fact that she doesn’t feel the same way about him. Jacob also talks about the ways he would be able to do things without hurting her or having intentions to hurt her unlike Edward. He also talks about how he is actually flesh and blood,he kissed Bella without her consent and when she punched him she broke her hand. Once Edward had taken Bella to his house Rosalie finally had opened up to Bella and she learned something new about Rosalie and it cleared up the fact that she thought Rosalie hated her. Since Jasper had experience with newborns, Jasper was helping and giving them information that will help them with the battle since the newborns are going to Forks,Washington to kill Bella. Also Edward proposed to Bella again but this time with an engagement ring and Bella said yes to the proposal. But there is a twist once Jacob overheard the conversation between Edward and Bella about them wanting to get married Jacob stormed off.Jacob wanted to go to the battle and just be reckless and get himself killed in the process but for Bella to stop him she asked him to kiss her and he did. Edward also knew that Bella loved Jacob but the love she has for Edward is stronger. The newborns lost the battle, Jacob got hurt during the battle but Carlisle, who is Edward’s father, helped Jacob. Bella also let Alice, who is Edward’s sister, plan Bella and Edward’s wedding. 

   Lastly are the two last movies Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn part 1 and 2. In part 1 Jacob had got the invitation to Bella and Edward’s wedding, he got mad and went to his wolf form. Jacob had gone to the woods while it was raining in his wolf form. When Bella’s mom got the invitation she was excited and when Bella’s dad got the invitation he wasn’t too excited for the wedding. For their honeymoon they were staying in a beautiful villa on a private island. During the honeymoon Edward had got Bella pregnant and yes it might sound good but it’s not. Vampires can’t have babies so since there was no record of a human having a baby by a vampire the Cullens are unsure what to do in this situation. Jacob was worried about Bella so when he got there he saw Bella and the way she looked.Edward pulled Jacob to the side and asked him if he could talk to Bella,and Edward gave Jacob permission to kill him if Bella died with that baby inside of her. While the baby is continuously growing inside of Bella her skin is sinking in more and more,and also one of Bella’s ribs breaks. As Bella was about to get another cup of blood for the baby that is growing inside of her the cups drop, Bella’s back breaks and one of her knee’s breaks from her falling to the floor. Bella had to get an emergency C section and the baby came out a girl, the girl was named Renesmee which is named after Bella’s and Edward’s mothers. After the baby was out Bella died, Edward tried to bring her back to life with injection into her heart. The only thing Edward could do is bite Bella hoping that she will wake up which she doesn’t. Jacob was going to go back and kill the baby for revenge but instead of killing her he imprints on her and by him imprinting on the baby he would be a protector or whatever the baby needs him to be. Edward’s father informs him that since Edward gave her the injection while she was still in pregnancy,and her heart was still beating so they could not do anything but wait and see what would happen. They soon realized that the bite marks disappeared and her body was going back to its regular form, then her eyes turned red and Bella was now a newborn vampire. In part 2 Bella learned how to control her thirst for human blood and istead fed on a mountain lion. When Bella went to go see her baby for the first time since she was ready and learned how to control herself, she found out that Jacob had imprinted on her baby and she was mad at first but she had to accept it.

Jacob showed Charlie, who is Bella’s dad, that he is a wolf and told him that Bella was also going through an unusual change. The Cullens had helped Bella act like her normal self so he wouldn’t suspect anything and Bella was able to control her blood thirst for when Charlie visited her. Renesmee was growing up faster than expected. Irina who is a vampire from another family or clan saw Renesmee and reported the Cullens to the Volturi which is like the leaders for the vampires. The Volturi was coming after the Cullens and the Cullens got everyone they knew to come help them fight against the Volturi and not only are the vampires fighting but the wolf pack is fighting too. But after Alice showed her vision and since in her vision everyone is going to die the Volturi decided not to fight and everyone was safe and most importantly Renesmee was safe. 

   In conclusion, binge watching the Twilight series is very interesting and the plot twists keeps your attention. Although there are only five series. I am hoping to see more series coming. Maybe some with Renesmee grown up and her adventures. Talking to a lot of my friends we love that the series is written for the ages 9 and up. The story is based on teenagers and high school life with vampires and werewolves.

Nobody is sure that the story behind Hell’s Gate Bridge is completely  accurate.though, several locals and visitors have had haunting experiences at this bridge and few paranormal investigators who’ve visited this bridge in the past didn’t experience any paranormal activity.

Za’niah Williams – Christ the King Jesuit College Prep – DMSF Class of 2026

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