Role Model

I’ve had a lot of special people in my life. People who have taught me life lessons that will follow me through my whole life and the people who always make me laugh and know and care about me as a person. It is so hard just to pick one person that is special to me, I have family who are very special to me and friends that I know really care for me and who are also special to me in their own way. If I was to pick anyone from all the people that I do know and are special to me it would have to be my mother. 

My mother has been the biggest inspiration for me growing up. She has taught me everything that I need to know while struggling to do school and work at the same time. She has always been there for me whenever I’ve needed her. She’s also always been a great mother to me. Growing up in the neighborhood of Humboldt park “a puerto rican neighborhood” and being mexican wasn’t very easy. There were always some racial comments made about us and there still is about how we’re “too loud” or “get back to the garden” are still somethings I hear othen.

I’ve begun to get used to these comments and just ignore them. But I shouldn’t have to ignore them; they should never happen in the first place. My mother taught me not to be like that and always respect others for who they are as a person. She’s always told me the right thing to do and has never failed me whenever I go to her for help. I believe all mothers are like that, yea they might get on your nerves sometimes but they always care and love us no matter what we do and that’s the kind of person I want to be when I’m older.

She’s the one I want to be like when I’m older and she works so hard but is always able to have a smile on her face and make time for her family. That is what I appreciate most. All she wants from me is to succeed in life and I know she really wants me to. I don’t want to let someone who has worked so hard for me to do great in life down. It’s my job to take advantage of the opportunity I’ve been given and I’m very grateful and lucky to be in the position I’m in right now.

My message here is to always be grateful for those who work hard for you to succeed in life. These are the real people who actually care and love you rather than your friends who only make you laugh for maybe only a temporary time. You should always thank these people because sometimes you might not realize how much a person does for you until you actually think about it. These are the people that I want to grow up and be like. To help others become successful including my own kids when I’m older.

Robert Serrano

St. Patrick High School – DMSF Class of 2026

Image by Christin Lola from Adobe Stock