The Worst Writer

I hate writing. With a passion, my hate for writing will always be so big that when I write I put 100% emotion into it. The only real problem is that I can only write stories. I can sorta write other things like autobiographies and certain novels depending on the topic. Anything else I can’t remember or I’m horrible at. Now if you were to tell me to write a 1000-word story about something exciting like superpowers or supernatural I would give it to you in 3 hours at most. I’m skilled with other things too like adventuring stories or stories that are set back in medieval times. Yet all of these things just make me even more of a horrible writer.

  The problem always arises when I am required to write other things that I know for a fact I won’t be able to tell a story in or anything of that nature so instead of talking about why I’m bad at writing in general I should talk about how to make the best stories possible. There are certain things you need to have to make good stories. You’ll need imagination, time, and the most comfortable place for you. These 3 things are the most important when trying to write a story. Without these 3 things, you might have a hard time trying to tell your story. Having a vivid imagination can also help you draw pictures for your story if you feel like a visual representation would help. Now, you’re going to learn from the best as I’m going to write a small story for you as an example.

Truth Hurts by Darius Frazier (this is just an example)

I feel like I’m going to vomit. I have been cursed to always hear the truth when I’m talking to someone and it’s now brought me into a situation I don’t think I can get out of…Some might take this as a blessing as my father says but, in reality, it sucks. He says that just because he thinks having powers is cool but this is not only the most problematic power but it’s also gonna be the reason I die. When I’m in class talking to someone and they try to lie, they end up telling the truth instead and get very confused about why their mouth says something their brain didn’t mean to. It can be very humbling to either me or the person I’m talking to. The only real field this power is good for is being a cop of some sort.” You can be good at integrating people”.My father says. Earlier today I decided to take his advice and work with one of his co-workers when investigating a gang-related crime. The co-worker said that they were caught dealing drugs and they finally found the supposed drug dealer, aka the drug lord of our city. We walk into the investigation room and I instantly felt something was off. I sat down on the other side of the table and stare into his eyes, his dark brown eyes. The co-worker tells me to start asking the questions and I do.” Where were you at the time this person died from an overdose? How much money so have you gotten from these deals?” I ask. He answers in his deep crocky voice as if he just woke up from taking drugs himself,” I was at my the docs making more deals and so far I’ve made $10,678,900” I look at the co-worker stunned by the number he said, there was one last question about whether or not he is the drug lord they have been looking for.” Are you the one known as Franklin Nemissi?” He got visibly mad and said with an angry voice while yelling at me” NO! WHO TOLD YOU THAT!?” I felt weak instantly. He lied to my face. His DNA says that he is. I ask him “Did y-you just lie?” The response he gave me made the whole room turn cold.” WHY WOULD I BE STUPID ENOUGH TO ADMIT THAT? ARE YOU DUMB?!” He screamed at me, still caught up in the moment. I could feel my heart inside my toes. This triggered my fight or flight senses and I instantly got up and make a quick decision about whether I was going to grab the nearest weapon and attack him or run, but before I could grab one of the officer’s guns I froze and looked up. His eyes were glowing a dark purple. He has powers too…

This story not only showed great imagination since I came up with it on the spot but also shows how much 1 thought can expand from just a small bud to a whole 500-worded essay. I have been writing in quiet places like my room at night and sometimes at school. Where ever you decide where you want to write your story, make sure its a place where you can just look around when you get stuck or lose inspiration and instantly gain some inspiration or something or someone that can just give your brain that push to come up with more words to say and think harder. My timing could have been better but time for people depends on who they are and what type of person they want to be. If you procrastinate, which is a common issue, then you might work better under pressure with little to no time to complete it. For other people, they want to do things early and get them out the way quickly so they can have other things to prioritize.

Yet after all of this writing, in conclusion, I still feel like I’m the worst writer ever, but I hope everything I just talked about can help you with your dilemma or just help you in general too.

Darius Frazier

De La Salle Institute – DMSF Class of 2026

Photo by By Sergey Nivens on Adobe Stock