A Tribute to My Sister

Hi! My name is Jordan Drisdell and thank you for having me at this year’s Grammys Awards. She has played such a prominent role in my life that I would like all of you to get to know her, as she has paved the way for me to become an exceptional citizen and musician. We have been through so much together; in good and bad times, she is always there for me. She is undeniably smart and talented, with a passion for psychology similar to mine. I look up to her and admire her strength and resilience. She is such an inspiration to me, and I am grateful to have her as my sister.

When I was four, my mom passed away; it was just my dad, brother, and sister. We all relied heavily on each other to stay afloat. My sister looked after me and my brother so much that she left college to ensure we had everything we needed. She recently went back and graduated from Northern Illinois University, and I am so proud of her. She has played such a prominent role in my life that I can’t help but thank her as she has been a sister, a true role model, and the light of my life since day 1.

My sister was also a musician, she played the piano and introduced it to me as well, and that’s where my love for music began. Her motivation and her dedication to helping me learn and perfect my craft are all things that I love about her. She will always be a driving force in my life, as she continues to shape me as a person. To help me become the best version of myself I could be, always evolving, always staying true to myself, and not allowing anybody to change that. She possesses empathy, the ability to understand me on a deeper level, listens to me, and gives me comforting words whenever they are needed.

Her compassion knows no bounds, as she always goes out of her way to help me and my brother. As I mentioned before, my sister is a constant pillar of support. She believes in me even when I doubt myself, encouraging me to follow my dreams and reach beyond the atmosphere. Her faith in my abilities has pushed me to overcome obstacles and achieve things I never thought were possible. No matter what happens, I can always count on her to be by my side, providing guidance and encouragement every step of the way.

In conclusion, my sister embodies kindness, support, and joy. Her presence in my life is a constant source of love and inspiration, and I am incredibly grateful to have her as my sister. To encourage me, to love me, to be there to watch me grow into a man, to give advice, and to be someone I could always count on. I love you to infinity and beyond sister, thank you all for having me Grammy Awards!

Jordan Drisdell – The Chicago Academy for the Arts – DMSF Class of 2027