E.A.E:The Best Sibling Trio

To my brothers, Eric and Emanuel, thank you!

Knowing you two, you are most likely confused on why I’m saying thank you and so is everyone else. I want to thank my brothers  for all you guys have done for me. For those who don’t know, I’m the only girl in my family so I was raised with all boys. Growing up with just boys has definitely helped shape me into who I am. My brothers have always influenced me into trying new things and it always turns out that I will end up enjoying it. I grew up playing sports just because my brothers would and now thanks to that, I’ve fallen in love with basketball. But they don’t just influence me when it comes to sports they also influence me into always being myself. My brothers are always being themselves and don’t care about what anyone has to say about it. I admire that, I wanna be like that.

But not only have my brothers influenced me, they have always been there for me no matter what. I have nothing but pure love for them, words can’t describe how much I love them. Eric, Emaunel, you guys are my best friends. All of our moments we’ve had together will always be my favorite. Like when we would entertain each other when we were bored with the most random things. That could be us making faces, just laughing, or playing around with each other.  You guys are so absurd in such a good way, lovely, warmhearted, and every good thing there is. You guys treat me with love in your own way whether that be talking to me or just being annoyed by me. I can always just feel how much you guys love me. You two stick around to listen to me talk about the most random things ever and don’t throw a tantrum about it. However, there are some days you guys  will get annoyed but that’s okay because it is my job as your guy’s sister to annoy you here and there.

 Everyone knows that siblings argue and fight but somehow with my siblings our disagreements always go to the max. But those disagreements help unite us even better. I’d say me and my brothers are already pretty close. As I said they are my best friends so they are one of the first people to know about anything that happens in my life. If my brothers don’t know then no one else will because I trust my brothers they will always be there for me and so will I. But let me just not go on a rant about how I love my brothers so much.However,  I love when we are just near each other, their presence just keeps me happy. I love when we do sports together or even when we would workout in the backyard.

What makes my brothers so special to me? To me they are special because of how they treat me. I’m their only sister so in a way they are obligated to protect me and care for me. But my brothers are protective of me, they never want anything bad to happen to me. And if there was something bad to happen to me they’d be the first people to solve the issue. And that is exactly how I want us to be in the future. Us still being there for each other, protecting one another, and overall just loving each other. My brothers truly just want the best for me and nothing less. I know that if I’m happy they are also happy and the same goes for them. If my brothers are happy and have a smile on their face, I’ll be happy.

Everyone should have an Eric and Emanuel in their lives,they are truly the best. When you two hear this I just want you guys to know that I love you guys so much. Thank you for being the best brothers I could have ever asked for.

Alondra Alvarenga – Trinity High School – DMSF Class of 2027