My Special Person

Now you may be wondering “Who is this person?”Well, to answer your question, the person I am writing this blog about is my best friend and her name is Jaida. To briefly describe who she is, Jaida is my best friend (of course), but she is the sweetest, most down-to-earth person ever. She is a very beautiful girl, she is very funny and a great person to talk to. The reason why I am writing this tribute about her is to show how special she is to me. I and Jaida met during the softball season and have been great friends ever since. The first time I met Jaida was when we needed an extra player on our team and she came. She was a nice person and I knew right off the bat we were going to be great friends. We have made so many great memories together during the season, even though we were on separate teams, we got along very well and  I got to know a lot about her. Some of the few things I learned about her are that she has a younger brother (he is the sweetest boy ever), and we have the same birthday month (June!).

In my eyes I see her as a leader, the reason why is because she is always putting everyone else before herself, she knows what is right and wrong, she doesn’t give up on anything at all, she is confident in herself, she works hard for what she wants, the most important thing of all is that she sets a good example. For example, we have had a few games during the season where most of us were down and didn’t have any energy at all but Jaida was the one to bring us up and we did. She knows that all of us have the energy, she just had to find it in us somewhere. She knows how to pick each other up when all of us are down, she has confidence in herself and her teammates. That is why I see her as a leader, she does what she needs to do.

Jaida has always been there for me when I’m not okay and need a shoulder to lean on. Like the time when I was going through something personal and I needed someone to talk to. Jaida was there for me, she listened to me and understood what was going on. She gives great advice when you need it or when something is going on. Jaida is a very humble person, she knows what is right and what is wrong and tries to show that to people, even me. In my opinion, she is a great person to communicate with, she understands how I feel and I love that about her, she knows when I’m happy, or sad, or even when I’m angry. Jaida just understands me. If you’re not feeling the best and need someone to talk to, Jaida will always be there for you, she will listen to everything you have to say and try to find ways to put a smile on your face or even get a small giggle out of you to make you feel better in whatever you’re going through. She makes you feel like everything is going to be okay and that you don’t need to worry.

I love Jaida so much, she is an amazing person to be around and is always there when you need her the most. I hope that people realize how special she really is to me in every way possible. I hope when she reads this blog one day she knows how special of a friend she is to me. So to my best friend Jaida when you read this: Thank you for always being there for me when I needed you the most, especially when I was at my lowest points in life, you were always there and I’m so grateful for you, you will always be my best friend forever and ever.

Ameera Andon – DeLaSalle Institute – DMSF Class of 2027