Shooting 101

I love basketball there’s lots of reasons. I fell in love with it when I picked it up. COVID stopped me from playing and I played video games a lot. When 7th grade started that’s when the grind started back again. it was like restarting I could barely dribble and shooting was terrible. But I went to the lab(gym) constantly working on dribbling and shooting. When 8th grade started the improvement showed and got way better but the grind still doesn’t stop I still go to the gym constantly. and still work to improve my game. The ultimate goal is the NBA but the current goal is a D1 scholarship and I’m working towards that goal every day. that’s a little on my history Now let’s improve your games.

Hello if you are reading this you probably can’t shoot but that’s 100% okay. We have all been there before, not everyone just knows you may need a little assistance, That’s what this blog is for. to help people improve and learn how to these steps of learning I will be teaching you different shots such as mid-range jump shots, 3-pointers, and free throws also going into detail about catching and shooting or off-the-dribble shooting I will explain and go in depth on these so If you don’t know now you will after reading.

Basketball is a very fun game with lots of skills that need to be learned. Today we will be focusing primarily on the shooting aspect of the game. Shooting is very important on offense. You can get multiple points from shooting. 3 points if you are behind the 3-point line. 2 points anywhere in the 3-point line. But if fouled you would be able to make an extra point if you are fouled when you shoot and make the 3 or 2 if made you can either get 4 points. For the 2 you can get three but let’s say you miss you get 2 free throws for a 2-pointer. But for 3 pointer you get three free throws

This is the teaching on how to shoot a jump shot from the 3-point line First you put your dominant hand on top of the ball. Have another hand on the left side of the ball. opposite if you are left-handed.  Face feet towards the basket if you shoot right-handed you want feet a little movement left towards. If a left-handed shooter faces feet towards the rim a little right, bend their knees a little. Extend arms up. whilst extending knees up. Jump while in the air flick the shooting arm and make sure the guide hand doesn’t affect the shots path or trajectory

For free throws, we will repeat all steps except one. When you’re about to extend your knees just go up but don’t have feet lift off the ground. For a regular jump shot, you will repeat the first steps but just use less power since you are closer. Free throws are uncontested shots off the free throw line and you are granted things when shooting and you are fouled. You don’t wanna do a lot of movement. The less movement the better so you can perfect the shot.

I will also be teaching you to catch and shoot. First, make sure the knees are bent. If you are a right-handed shooter you will have your right leg a little back. The left leg will stay where it’s at. Then when the ball is coming you want to have hands like you are about to shoot. When the ball is caught, have the right foot be parallel to the left then shoot.

Off the dribble is a different concept. You will dribble the ball forward. When the ball is still in the air, get in a shooting position and get your feet right then pick up the ball. Repeat the steps of the jump shots you were taught then make the shot.

You will use a jump shot. when you are open or just trying to iso someone. An off-the-dribble shot is typically used in an iso situation. catching and shooting are usually off a screen or when a teammate passes to you when you are wide open.

I hope this blog has taught you some things you may have not known. But also I hope it interests you to play basketball if you don’t. But basketball isn’t for everyone even tho it should be thanks for reading and just being a sniper. (a good deep shooter)

George Garcia – Marist High School – DMSF Class of 2027