Try The Ice!!

I am aware this challenge requires a lot of sacrifice but I believe the health benefits are worth it. It shows if you are a mentally strong human being who will do something like they love it even when they hate it.

How to Shoot a Hockey Puck

If you are a beginner hockey player but you know how to skate and can hit the puck, and you are looking for ways to shoot the puck, these are the three shots you need to know.

The Window for a Sustainable Future is Closing

The futures of people, animals, and most importantly…Earth are at stake. Lives are what are important and what are getting affected, what’s not that important is sucking out the oil from the Earth.

The Testers and the Tested

Anyone can make a difference. People need to protest. People need to make petitions. People need to start fixing the issues they have created. People need to make a change.


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