To my future self…

I wanted to write this to you just so in the future if you feel like you’re not doing your best, you can see how far you’ve came and to keep going!


Even though people tend to find lot’s of information from the internet or other resources, conspiracy theories are not real. Nearly 60% of America believes in these theories today!

If I knew Then What I Know Now

Out of all of these obstacles that I have encountered I will admit that the biggest struggle was just leaving friends. It may sound dumb but everysince I was young, I dreamed of having someone to come with me throughout my life. Someone who I wont be afraid to tell about my life because I know well, they won’t leave me.

Letter to my future self

A lot of people say bad company corrupts good character and that is true. Finding a group of friends that are supportive helpful and kind is very important for your devepment.

Moon landing

After watching multiple videos, reading multiple articles the question must be asked, was the moon landing faked?

Letter to myself

I want you to use this letter when you are at your lowest or have really hit that point in your life. I want you to always know this letter exists and is here to help you through everything.

To the Younger me

I feel like if I knew what I knew now I wouldn’t have done and said those things. I was young dumb and reckless doing things.


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