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The writing experiences for Ignite have been adapted from The Writer’s Practice: Building Confidence In Your Non-Fiction Writing by John Warner (2019).

We’ve chosen a handful of these experiences for our blog topics. These topics are really diverse and you’ll be able to write about almost anything that interests you. However, if you can’t fit your ideas into one of these topics, just pitch us a new one!

The Writing Experiences

(The complete directions for each of the experiences are found by clicking the links.)

If It Isn’t True, Why Do People Believe It? Description: Every generation has it’s urban legends, stories a lot of people believe that just aren’t true. Explore one of these legends and develop a theory as to why it is believed by so many people, while also convincingly debunking the legend.

You’ve got to do this! Description: Share about an activity you’re passionate about and convince your reader to give it a try. Hobby that you love? Binge-watching a show? A new app that changed your life? Tell us why we gotta try this! 

Why am I so angry and what can I do about it? Description: Write about an issue that gets you fired up and offer an idea for what you could do about it. 

If I knew then what I know now. Description: Write an advice letter to your former self. Is there something you’ve learned to appreciate? Do you have a better perspective than in the past? What does your younger self need to know?

Who is this special person? Description: Write a tribute for a special person (someone you know personally or not) and explain what they mean to you. Write it in the context of the event where it would be delivered. 

How do I…? Description: Explain how to do something that you are an expert at. Throw a curve ball, bake a cake, or braid your hair. Let your expertise shine!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is there a minimum or maximum length requirement?

There are no length requirements. Seriously!  However, we recommend you shoot for somewhere between 500 and 1000 words. We would like some consistency for Ignite posts. 

What if I want to write about a topic not listed in the suggested prompts?

Please contact the journal moderators to get approval for your topic. Email the moderators at Use the subject line “Ignite Prompt Idea.”

Can I comment on other students’ posts?

Yes. Comments will be reviewed by a moderator from Educational Endeavors before being published.

Can I post more than one piece of writing?