Let Park Whiz show you the way! (example post)


Let me state the obvious first: parking in Chicago is a total rip-off! The meters everywhere are bad enough, but what is really infuriating are the parking garages downtown. I mean, you park somewhere for 30 minutes and it can cost you $25. Park longer and you’re looking at $50 – $60. Seriously, it’s just a piece of concrete with some yellow lines on it. Wow, what a racket. Sure, if I’m heading downtown it’s probably best to take the CTA anyway, but sometimes it’s just easier if you are driving because you’re in a hurry, or you’ve got a ton of stuff to carry.

But an incredible App has come into my life recently and you just have to try it out. It’s called Park Whiz and it is awesome!

I judge an app in a few ways: Does it make my life easier? Does it give me useful information? Does it save me money? Is it free to use? If it does all of those things than it’s a must-get. Can you say: “Winning!”

Park Whiz can save you hundreds of dollars a year, no doubt. Here’s how it works:

  1. It asks you the address of where you’re going
  2. Also, what time and for how long you’ll be there
  3. Then it shows you the distance from the location and the cost of parking in that lot
  4. It also tells you how much money you are saving (hint: a lot!), gives you GPS directions on how to get there, and some other useful tips.
  5. Finally, you pay for the parking through the app and it creates a bar code to scan when you arrive at the lot.

The entire process takes you just a few minutes, and you are ready to go. Sounds to good to be true? Let me tell you that your life will be better once you download this app and start using it. Why isn’t everyone doing this and how is this possible your’re probably thinking. Well, let’s look into it a little further…. [END OF SAMPLE]

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