One book will change your life (Example Post)


Hey Frankie,

Seriously, dude. Read this letter I’m writing to you. It’s from me! I mean you…but from the future. Okay, I know that seems impossible but it’s true. It’s you writing to you three years into tomorrow. I know everything about you, and I know what is going to happen over the next three years. And, don’t worry, everything is going to be okay. But….

You could have avoided a lot of tough times if you had only done what I’m about to tell you: read. Yep, keep reading this letter and just keep on reading in general. This crazy thing is going to happen to you. Well, not that crazy, but you’re gonna get into some trouble. I won’t tell you exactly what happened but just know that it involved doing something illegal and that it nearly got you thrown out of school, and even worse, could’ve gotten you into jail (or wherever they would’ve made you go at just 12 years old).

It was a bad time for you. Mom was ready to kill you. The stress you caused her and the rest of your family was terrible. You put them through a lot. It was pretty much just pure luck that you didn’t get in worse trouble, and maybe messed up your whole life. But, fortunately, someone or something was looking down on you. And on that day late in the fall, sitting in your counselors office waiting for ever for your appointment to start, you did something you never do: you picked up a book. I think another student must have left it behind by accident. You’d heard of this book before — actually might have been assigned to read it — but you had not bothered to open it up. But you were really bored so this time you did crack the cover and started reading…[End of Example]