Going back to the past

Dear Viri,

It’s your older self speaking. Specifically, your eighth grade self. Yup! We’re going into high school, you made it to Jones! I know you haven’t even considered high school, but you’ll learn throughout the year. I know that fourth grade seems really easy for you (c’mon, it’s just addition and subtraction) but trust me, it gets more difficult in future years, so cherish those smiling memories that you have. I know right now you feel scared about what’s going to happen in the future, but as long as you keep that navy blue sweater on, and have that same positive attitude you’re going to be all right. Keep that big smile on your face for the rest of the year!

Sixth grade is going to be REALLY difficult. Mentally, I mean. It’s a mess. However, you’ll persevere through the year, and you’ll come out stronger than ever. So many things are going to change—your emotions, your friend group, and even your family is going to change. I know you think that change is scary, but embracing change is only going to lead to positivity in the future.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Is there something I could avoid in the future years?” And, well, yes. You might think I’m talking about an awkward moment, but I want to talk about a long-term negative outcome. In these years, you will be slowly doubting yourself. It’s going to start off slow, something like, “Wow, why am I so stupid?” Everyone thinks negatively sometimes about ourselves whether we like it or not, but when it’s constantly taking over your brain, that’s not healthy, Viri. You may think it’s “constructive criticism,” but it’s self-hate. You think that you can control it, but the more you try, the more you suppress those negative feelings into your brain, making them stay longer and making you feel worthless. In the future, this will leads to missing so many things just because of a little voice telling you that you don’t belong. It is one of my biggest regrets, and if I could take it all back, I would in a heartbeat.

There is no way to avoid negativity. It’s going to happen around you, but don’t blame yourself for small things and other people’s problems. When a bad thought comes into your brain, chant a mantra, “I can do this. I can do this.” Over and over again until you feel at peace with your mind. Small steps like this could help you silence the voices as you grow.

But that’s s in the future. Right now, don’t worry about small issues. You’re going to look back at this year and think, “That was the best year of my life.” I know you don’t have much support right now, but don’t blame your parents for this. I know I don’t. They might not know how to support us in school, but if they could, they definitely would. You’re amazing in every way. Please don’t change when people’s opinions get to your sensitive heart. After all, you don’t get thick skin without getting burnt. Keep on smiling and keep your head up. No matter what, I love you.

With more love than you would ever know,


Viridiana Camarillo – Jones College Prep – DMSF