A beautiful game

Everyone has their own passion. My passion is soccer for many reasons, even if you don’t play the game, watching a pro tournament or game is still so fascinating to watch. It’s much more than a game, instead, it’s a safe place.  Whenever I play, my mind just focuses on the game and nothing else. All the bad things in my life seem to go away. I am so focused on the game and playing with my teammates and friends that my mind goes blank. It really has made a big difference in my life. If something in my life ever went wrong, Soccer would distract me and I wouldn’t have to worry about whatever was happening and that was a life changer. I’ve been playing this sport for about 9 years and that is why I understand more about the game and why it is important. There are about 4 billion fans of soccer and even if you don’t play the sport, the fans also play a big role. They bring people together. For example, they bring people who love the same team together and people get to meet others. They also motivate players by cheering and clapping. From experience having a crowd cheer you on makes the game feel so important. I know so many players that play because it is like a second home for them. The pitch is a place where players can come together and try to defeat the other team and it is one of the best feelings ever. I feel like everybody should try to play or watch soccer just because there are so many people that are with you. For example if I like a specific team, the fans of that team will get along with you so easily just because you have the same team interest. It is still unbelievable that this game that was created decades ago changes so many people’s lives. They gave more meaning to life for many including me. If this beautiful game doesn’t make you, I don’t know what will.

Gabriel Onofre – Northshore Country Day – DMSF

Photo by Connor Coyne on Unsplash