Swim life? Or swim try? Why you should give it a try!

Swimming has been one of the most complex sports that I have played, but it’s also been the most enjoyable. Those swim meets are the best! Now you might be wondering what am I talking about? Well, let’s start with swimming overall, which has been my favorite sport out of all the sports that I have tried out. Everyone thinks swimming is just a normal thing to do, but it’s more than that. There are many factors that are involved. And I feel like you should give it a try. Now that’s not too convincing is it? Well, let me just tell you more.

Swimming overall

Firstly, swimming is an amazing sport. But that’s my opinion. Giving it a try wouldn’t hurt and you can benefit from it, too! I have been swimming since I was 12 competitively, and what can I say? It is extraordinary! I mean, it’s a full workout. Now I won’t lie—it is a complex sport. You need a lot of time management, good sleep, good diet, and what an athlete needs to be successful. But that’s the only hard part. Showing up to practice is fun, yes practice. But it is fun because there are a lot of new people that you can meet. Swimming overall is a very interactive sport. This is where I have met my closest friends. Now we are not talking about competitive swimming yet; this is just swimming, it can be at an outdoor pool or simply at a YMCA. Just swim, feel the touch of the water. My favorite part about it is when you get in the pool. It’s an amazing feeling, that fresh water and all you see is blue underneath. How I benefit the most from swimming are the goals that I make. I work hard for them, and to see them pay off it’s amazing. I mean the gold you see is something inexplicable. Swimming is a form of cardio exercise, it can even prevent back injuries, and it works your whole body (upper and lower). All of this is according to Time Magazine (https://time.com/4688623/swimming-pool-health-benefits/). Now swimming is also a way to help you lose weight without being on a diet. Cool, right? I mean before swimming, my life was really stressful with school and I was always really grumpy. This has helped me de-stress and feel better, feel alive again. It has enhanced my life because I look forward to something every day. And you can do this, too.

Answering your questions

You might be asking, “What if I can’t swim?” Well, there are always classes you can take to learn—you’ll see it’s fairly easy. If you enjoy it you can always try swimming at a team/competitive swimming. You also may ask, “What if I am scared”? Good question, it is okay to be scared. I mean, it’s a pretty big pool. I was scared at first, but just remember there are lifeguards there 24/7. I think your life is secured. You’ll be fine and also remember you are strong. This will help you overcome this fear. People may also ask “What If it’s too hard?” Nothing is hard, you just need to have a strong positive mindset. “What if it is too expensive?” Well, there are always outdoor pools that you can go to in the summer that tend to be less expensive. And during the winter there are always YMCAs. “Am I too old?” No, there is no such thing. You can always just swim for fun, that’s the point of it. I mean, imagine having to swim without having fun.


Wow, swimming has many benefits. It is good because it helps you practice goal setting. For example, when I swim I set goals for myself, which also helps me practice goal setting that could be useful in life. Swimming helps you stay fit without having to go on a diet. I’ve swum for two years now, and it feels good to have a great workout. You are working your whole body. You talk to so many people. It is a very interactive sport—if you are shy this will help. I know when I started swimming I was supper shy but there are a lot of people who share an interest. If you really like the sport you can try a swim team like me and swim competitively, where you can go to swim meets/competitions which are the best. They are like parties but better. This helps because you learn to work with a lot of people, and it makes teamwork easier. I know it has helped me get used to working with people. And for high school students, it is a great sport to go on your resumé. It can even get you college scholarships and help calm down your stress.


In conclusion, swimming is more than just a normal thing to do. I mean it can help you with so many life things, such as working together and goal setting. It can be a stress reliever, and more. And if you are scared, you now know what to do. I mean, there are many factors and now there are no excuses, so go try it out! Life’s too short.

Photo by me-Elizabeth Gacia-Chavez (State Championships 2019)

Elizabeth Garcia-Chavez – Fenwick – DMSF