The magic of video games

I believe that all hobbies have their benefits, and are fun each in their own way. They teach you new skills, and help you meet new friends. For example, playing a sport. You meet new people who love the same sport and new friendships can spark. This is why I’m encouraging you to try out video games, unless you already did.

When you play your first video game, an entire world unleashes. If the game includes a story mode, which most games do, you will be introduced to many interesting characters, and you will  fall in love with these characters. You will be exposed to the story behind the game, and the deep lore the game contains. Like a movie, the game will make sure that you grow to love the main character, and to absolutely hate the main antagonist. So, if you are new to the video game world, I highly recommend picking some games that have very interesting and fun story modes. For example the video game franchise Halo and Grand Theft Auto. Of course, like most games do, both of these games also include an online mode, or otherwise known as a multiplayer, but it’s always better to start off with the story mode. This way, you get to learn the mechanics at your own pace, while also getting to know the backstory of the game. I also recommend joining the games online community when you can. This includes the multiplayer and other online games.

Two Boy and Girl Holding Game Controllers

Online games are an essential part of a games community. If you play  multiplayer games, you could find new people and thus spark new friendships, and those friendships have the potential to last a lifetime However, there still is toxicity in these multiplayer games. Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2 is well known for its competitive nature, and toxicity. Even though it is 11 years old, it is still remembered as the most toxic online community ever. So you must have thick skin if you are to survive in these environments.  However not all video games are like this, so don’t worry.

The thing I love about video games is that there is a game for everyone. No matter what kind of games you like. If you like survival games, you should try Minecraft  or Terraria. Or if you like first person shooters, try Halo, or any Call of Duty game. Think of anything, somewhere out there is probably a video game that fits your description perfectly. Every game is unique in it’s own  way, and every player is different. 

All the things I just listed are all things that I absolutely love about video games. And yes, I will admit not all things I listed are positive. For example some games have a really toxic community, and are only fit for competitive players rather than casuals. However, everything has a downside, no matter what it is. And even if the games community is too toxic, there are plenty of games that aren’t nearly as toxic as that game. For example Minecraft. 

Overall, Video games open the door to new worlds and stories. Think of them as interactive movies. You meet new people, and see them in the midst of an adventure. And while some games may have some extra toxicity, most games are welcoming and less competitive. So I 100% recommend trying any video game according to your tastes, and take the time to fall in love with it.

Eduardo (Eddie) Hernandez – Marist – DMSF