Why police brutality isn’t stopping

How are cops still getting away with killing people for no reason? This is now our new normal? Well I don’t want that and I’m sure most people reading this aren’t either.

If you have been living under a rock for about a century, police brutality is basically when officers use excessive force on someone. This excessive force can be physical or verbal harassment, physical or mental injury, property damage and death. There has been about 600 deaths in 2020 and those are just reported cases. Black people are 3 times more likely to be killed by police than white people in the U.S. Yet the population of the U.S. that is white, is 76% and the population of the U.S. that is black is only 13%. All reported police murders from 2013 to 2019, show that 99% of police are not charged with crime or convicted. All of this information is only the reported info, there could be many, many more that have just not been reported.

All of this information I have just said is just incredible because anyone reading these facts, would not believe how much police are killing and harassing mostly people of color. Most people are now realizing how big of an issue this is which resulted in the protests and the George Floyd situation. People who support the protests and even if they don’t go to the protests but they post something on social media and educate themselves and try educating other people, that is helping the cause and the protests already in Minneapolis, has played a huge role in the police department being dismantled and there will be a new system of public safety. We are making history by helping out as much as we can. Yes people might say the protests are violent and things like that but, unfortunately, that is the only way things will change. On the Washington Post, an article called “Don’t criticize Black Lives Matter for provoking violence. The civil rights movement did, too.” it talks about how MLK’s movement, there was violence as well. If there wasn’t any violence, there would be more racism than there is now, especially towards black people.

So what can we do about it? History is being made and the job is not done yet but we are certainly going on the right path to get rid of all of this racism for good. If you haven’t still educated yourself about all of this, you should start. It is really simple, you can just go to google and search police brutality and there are plenty of facts and there are many charities helping the cause. I really hope this inspired many people so we can have more and more of us supporting each other. We are all human beings and we all deserve to be treated like one, try educating your families and friends about police brutality. We are changing the world and it is truly amazing doing that.

Johan Rodriguez