Just words on paper ?

What’s so good about reading books ? It’s just words on paper, nothing exciting. Actually, reading is very fun and interesting. You can benefit from reading just like I have, and it could change how you view things in life. Your thoughts and opinions could be changed just by one book that you picked up to read. Before I started reading, there was many words that I didn’t know. As I continued to read, I discovered many words and my vocabulary expanded. As a reader, you grow your knowledge on different topics and when you learn new things, your brain strengthens over time.

Reading can show you a whole new perspective. When you read about other people lives, you understand the world through someone’s else perspective.

There isn’t a specific topic you have to read about, you read about what interests you and that’s what makes reading fun. Stress reduction is another benefit of reading. You forget about everything else and the only thing that’s on your mind at this moment is the book. When I read, I relax and I am in my comfort zone, nothing else has my attention. Creativity can come from reading. Books are filled with all kinds of scenarios, plots, drawings, etc. These things could inspire you to try something new or to change how you do something. Consider reading as a necessity, you never know how much it can affect your life, you would be surprised.

Lamiya (Miya) Crawford – Mother McAuley – DMSF