Making good decisions

Dear Katie,

It’s me! Or you, however you view it, but from the future! I don’t want to startle you, although I probably already have, but you I know everything that’s going to happen to you or that has happened to you, crazy, I know. You’ll be okay, you’ll even be great by the time you reach the point in our life, which is now, for me.

There are definitely times where you will feel like you hit rock bottom but I promise you, you haven’t. I will say one thing: make the best decisions. I know, I know, everyone, especially mom, say this to you but it’s worth hearing it a billion times. This stupid thing is going to happen, well not so much stupid but something you didn’t think properly about. It could have been avoided, I guess, but, it’s not the end of the world.

Our family will be very disappointed but you will be better after this. Looking back I actually think you could’ve gotten in way worse trouble but you still, very much, learned from your mistakes. Stay focused in school, in MAKING GOOD DECISIONS, and looking forward to some exciting news coming your way, as well as some bad, but you will be okay, like I said earlier.


Katie Guzman

Cristo Rey – DMSF

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