Taehyung’s Sweet Night

                                    (Kim Taehyung and the cover of “Sweet Night”)

 Today we are here gathered in this dining hall to congratulate and honor Kim Taehyung for his huge success on his single “Sweet Night”.  I have watched him grow in his music career with his membership in BTS and now in his own personal works such as this one. It seems like just yesterday you released the OST for “Itaewon Class”, on March 13, topping iTunes charts in 77 regions worldwide. Now, in present day, your song has reached 107 number ones on iTunes Top Songs Charts, breaking Adele’s record for the most No. 1s on the chart by a solo artist, which was set about five years ago, in October 2015, with 102 regions!

Taehyung you don’t know this, but music means so much to me. When I’m having a bad day, I listen to music. When I’m studying, doing homework, or riding in the car I listen to music because it makes me happy and relaxed. Music keeps me at one with myself, and your music specifically keeps me at peace. BTS and the fans, who are known as ARMY, are so proud of you for meeting your goal of wanting to be someone and something big one day. It’s so pleasant to see your music get heard, recognized, and loved all around the world because people haven’t been too welcoming of K-pop or music by Kpop Idols over the past years, and it’s refreshing to see the progress we have made in society today and more specifically in America.

Even though “Sweet Night” is entirely in English and not Korean, It’s still showing a good representation of the K-pop community because we’re seeing how much effort they put into pleasing the fans that may not know or understand Korean.  Taehyung, you took time and effort into learning English which is very hard for people whose first language is not English. You didn’t just learn English for yourself but for us, ARMY. This is why I admire you so much because of your passion in the things you believe in and the talent that you showcase through the music you compose. Your dedication really is inspirational to a lot of people around the world who are striving to become what they think is the best version of themselves. 

You give ARMY hope and happiness just from you existing and breathing which is why they stream and support everything you do, Taehyung. I can’t fathom what you may be  going through right now knowing that you have made history in the music industry. I bet everyone on your team and your members are overjoyed by your accomplishment. This makes me even more happy to say that I’m a member of ARMY because i’m following people that know and work their way to the top by producing quality content which is  a great example for adolescents in the world today. Ever since 2017, when I found you and your members, I’ve been in a much better place, for I found the light in what music truly means to me. Thank you for “Sweet Night”.

Here is the link to “Sweet Night” https://youtu.be/Wq-ezXSLPOU

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