You’ve got to play softball!

I’ve played softball for most of my life. Which means that I have a lot of experience in the game. Each and every one of the games was a different kind of experience. If you play you learn something new in each game about yourself and others. I learned that playing in the heat tires my body out to the point of heat exhaustion. Even though that doesn’t sound fun it was because it was worth it since I got to play the game I love. I play all of the infield positions occasionally except pitcher because I don’t know how to pitch, but my main position is the catcher and I love it. If you play you could find the position you like and you will fall in love with it. I know I did.

My team had even won the district tournament in 2017. (Something Berwyn hadn’t reached in over 20 years.) That was one of the greatest games that I have ever played. Playing with my team brought us closer together and if you play you could meet tons of new people. They all become a great part of your life and to be honest, that’s the best part. Also, you guys always have each other’s back. Another team was trying to be rude to my teammate and the whole team went to back her up. All of my teammates are great players and even better friends. If you join softball you can have teammates like that. Provided from my dad

Then, there are the coaches. They are fun and challenging at the same time. At first, when you start playing you might not know who they are, but once you start playing you get to know and love them. They could be tough during games, but after they ask if you want ice cream. My coaches were great and I loved how they taught me to play. I had many coaches over the years. One of them was my dad who always pushes me to my limits, but he got into an accident and it hurt his arm so, we had a bunch of assistant coaches. Some of their names were Coach Knazze and Brad and they helped out a lot. Plus, we had tons of fun outside of softball. 

With all these factors included, I can guarantee that you’ll have a great time playing softball if you try it out, which I think that you should. Thank you for reading! I hope some of you consider playing softball, guys or girls. (Yes, they do have softball for guys, but if you don’t consider it a sport for men, consider baseball, it’s a similar yet different experience.)

Gianna Bonano – Fenwick – DMSF