An inspiration to many: Trae Young

I have been surrounded with basketball my whole life. I’ve seen a lot of amazing players, but one of the players that stands out to me the most is Trae Young. When people see me play basketball they either say I play like Trae Young or Kyrie Irving. Like me he wasn’t and still isn’t the tallest player on the court. We both play the same position (point guard).  Being one of the smaller players on the court come with it’s own problems, but you have to put in hard work to overcome the problems. That is one thing that makes Trae stand out to me. Being point guard is like being the leader on the team. You have the ball most of the time. You have to control the pace of the game. You also have to look for teammates, and pay attention to the defense at the same time. It’s a lot more, but this is not about learning the game of basketball.

Trae Young is an inspiration to me because he plays with no fear. No matter what gets thrown in his way he doesn’t stop playing. He is very smart . He can shoot the ball very well.

Jalen Williams – Fenwick – DMSF