Dear 8th Grade Nyree!

Dear 8th Grade Nyree,

Heyy! I hope you’re well and motivated. I just want to say that all the hard work will be worth it at the end. I promise. In this letter I wanna go over a few things regarding our future and your current state right now. Since I am the future you, I know about everything that’s going to go down.

First I want to talk about how you are very hard on yourself. It’s good that you hold yourself accountable, but every thing that goes wrong in your favor isn’t always your fault. Also we’ve encountered A LOT of failures, but that does not mean that you can’t come back 100 times stronger. From these failures learn from them and move on.

I also want to talk to y’all about high school, spoiler alert by the way, but even though in the beginning everything didn’t work in your favor, it all came together at the end! So don’t get discouraged, it’s all worked out. Also I want to say that I am so very proud of you! You have been through so much throughout your academic career, and you’ve always bounced back.

Next I would like to talk about friends. They may be cool right now but just so you know, you don’t talk to the vast majority of them after you graduated, so enjoy the time you have left with them. Also keep your circle small! You don’t need to be friends with everyone, just stay cordial and keep your distance. But I’m not saying you shouldn’t socialize! I’m just saying choose the people you call your friends wisely. You need people in your corner who will benefit you as a person, not people who drag you down.

Overall I just want to say good luck! I love you so much and you are not only making me proud, but you’re making a lot of others proud as well. Family, friends, and even administration! Keep doing you’re best and keep striving for the stars, love.

From the one and only,

Nyree Barnes<3 – St. Ignatius – DMSF