Feeling bored? Try soccer!

Have you been bored lately, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic and having to stay inside the house all of the time? Well, I have just the right new experience for you, and one that would be easy for you to try out. Soccer. No, like seriously, you should give it a try.

I’d like to start off by pointing out that soccer is for anyone and everyone. You can enjoy soccer whether you are 7 or 30. You can find pleasure in different forms of soccer, from playing it, playing Fifa, or watching it with your family. Even as a parent, soccer can still be a solution to your children being on electronics all day long, from their phones over to their consoles. You can enroll them in a team and see how they go outside and make new friends, which you had been encouraging them to do. 

This may sound like I am sidetracking, but have you seen Ghostbusters, maybe the Stay Puft Marshmallow man? Well, that is how I believe I was before trying soccer. I felt big and just not confident. My friends played a lot of soccer and they encouraged me to try it out. My parents also encouraged me to try out soccer, and now I don’t want to leave the field. I enjoy playing in the rain and the happiness rushing through my heart after scoring the game-winning goal or saving the shot that could have made us lose. When I get on the field I feel de-stressed; my mind is empty and I have no worries. I don’t worry about having to turn in a paper or project during soccer. It is one of the times where I can clear my mind and not have a pack of distractions/worries on my back. Soccer may be able to help you de-stress. 

Discovering soccer can also help you bond more. Just imagine throwing on that jersey and sitting down with your family to watch the Champions League. You can all go to the beach or to a park and enjoy some time together, while also playing soccer. You also learn to bond with teammates, *ahem* teaching you teamwork, it even teaches you how to be a leader.

Another perk to soccer is that there is minimal to no purchases needed. If you have shoes and a soccer ball lying around, you are all set. And if you don’t have a soccer ball, you can purchase one for $10. You don’t have to pay for a 5-star hotel or a plane ticket to enjoy soccer. There are no long trips to the sacred Mt. Soccer. You just enjoy the sport from home. 

Plus, soccer is not just for one country. You have events like the World Cup, which include countries all over the world competing for the trophy, the joy of traveling the world, and stopping onto the bright Estadio Akron, the Borisov Arena, the Sapporo Dome or the Melbourne Rectangular Stadium with the sun setting over them. 

I hope you want to try soccer out and enjoy the delight of this sport.

Josh Mendoza – Francis Parker – DMSF

Photo by Fancy Crave on StockSnap

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