Gustav Elijah Åhr better known as Lil Peep. Lil peep was a rapper, a singer and was a very special person to me even though we never met.  I was able to relate to him through his music; he saw everyone as an equal and treated everyone with respect. His music consisted of emo, rap, pop and rock; he was a very musical cultural person. He talked about Love, hate, women’s abuse and drugs. He was a very happy person but was heartbroken as well. He spread his voice through his music, and I was very lucky to hear that music. I was able to connect to him through his music. He saw everyone as a friend. He was “Everybody’s Everything,” which there is a documentary on Lil Peep called Everybody’s Everything also an album that you should listen to. He wanted to make everyone happy. When he was alive he did many things he was making millions on tour and shows and was in this group called Goth Boy Clique hence the title. “This music is the only thing keeping the peace while I’m falling to pieces.”  He was able to make music to speak to people and speak about things other people wouldn’t talk about, and I thank him for that. He spoke for me when I couldn’t speak for myself. He didn’t care about the money. He didn’t care about fame; all he wanted to do was make everyone happy and he was able to do that. Sadly on November 15th, 2017, he was taken from his friends, family and fans. I sometimes forget that he’s dead for a moment when I’m listening to his music, and then I remember that he was taken too soon from a drug overdose. But he still lives on through his music and his fans family friends. RIP Lil Peep.

Tyler Feulner – Holy Trinity – DMSF