How to Braid Your Hair?

Some people might wonder how you braid. Well, don’t worry I got you covered. In order to braid you have to make sure you prep your hair. There are many styles you can do with braids. My personal favorite is box braids. But to do a regular braid you have to first detangle your hair. Then, separate the hair into three pieces. You are going to cross the piece of the right over the piece of hair in the middle, then do that to the left. Then you repeat that until the braid is finished. There are many different ways to braid as well. Two ways I know are “over braiding” and “under braiding”. I prefer to under braid because it is easier for me. But a lot of people like to do the over braid method. Another method for braiding is fishtail braiding. With fishtail braiding you have to take four pieces of hair.

Some people like to add extensions to their braids. You can get any hairstyle with extensions. The extensions you use to braid is called braiding hair. The easiest style for me is box braids. To do box braids you have to first get your supplies out. Then take a comb to part your hair. Then take rubber bands out and put your hair in the rubber bands. Then take your pack of braiding hair and part it into two pieces. You can do it whatever size you would like. Then put the two pieces of hair together and attach it to your hair. Then braid all the way down. Then repeat those steps and complete your whole head. Then take some hot boiling water and dip the ends of your hair in it (be careful). Then take this product called mousse and spread it around your scalp. Then tie your hair down. Therefore that is how you braid and different ways to use braiding.

Jada Baker – Fenwick – DMSF