You can actually win $1,000,000 playing this Call of Duty mobile

The first Call Of Duty game on console came out on October 29, 2003, and there are about 24 of them (I don’t know if all the older ones are still in the picture). The newest one, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare (they also made the new update Warzone to the game) came out on August 23, 2019, and Call Of Duty is still running. For 17 years it’s still one of the top games people play. They also make weekly updates to their games to keep entertaining the users of the game.

As you can probably tell, I want you to download Call of Duty Mobile (CODM). I love the game because is so convenient to have. Say you didn’t have a gaming system. You probably couldn’t connect as much as you wanted to with your friends, but now you can at least get an idea of what they are talking about at the virtual lunch table. You may even make more friends and connect with more people because you all do the same thing and want to express your emotions.

Maybe you are a gamer already or maybe not maybe you need to try something new. If you would like to start playing and haven’t really played games before this is a good place to start. You can’t go head on and face the console players because that is a more advanced platform. Mobile is easier because it’s in the palm of your hands, but it’s one of the top games.

In Call of Duty Mobile you have the game right at your finger tips! All you need is Wi-Fi and a phone. Call of Duty Mobile lets you play on environments (or maps) from previous Call of Duty games. With classic game modes such as Team Death match, Free For All, Kill Confirmed, Search and Destroy, and many more. The game also has a mode called Ranked Matches were you play with real people that are the same level as you. When you progress throughout the game you unlock different weapons, characters, customization’s, and other wonderful things!

Call of Duty Mobile is also following the trend of many other games as well: Battle Royale. With this mode Call of Duty Mobile is up to date with every other game. To give you even more fun in the game they let you customize different things! You could unlock new characters by completing new seasonal events were you complete a brief task and receive your prize! You can add different colors to your weapons, cars, gliders, and parachutes. Just to make your profile extra unique the developers added calling cards. A calling card is a picture displayed under your name after a match or winning over your opponent.

If you want to unlock even more characters, weapons, skins for weapons or vehicles, then you could buy the battle pass with Cod Points! Cod point are virtual coins bought in game to purchase loot crates with great prizes inside! The battle pass is a system where you play the game in any game mode and level up. The levels are called tiers and the higher tier you are the better rewards you receive.

Now for the big finale of Call of Duty Mobile! There is a Call of Duty World Championship live and this is the first year for the championship. You have the chance to win $1,000,000 ! And while you compete you earn rewards for playing and advancing. So I hope you will download Call of Duty Mobile as it is a great game to play with all the new things that are being added and for the chance of $1,000,000.

Jose Ceasar Maya – Mount Carmel – DMSF

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