Alsip’s Finest

The brother I wish I had is in my thoughts and actions every day. I hope to be just like him one day. He’s a hero to many people. He helps back in the community in every way he can. That great man is my cousin Bill Delaney, and I’m so lucky to have him as my cousin. Bill has done many great things in his life, but very recently he has done something outstanding for the city of Alsip.

It was a quiet night shift for Bill, driving around in his police car, no calls, nobody out. But suddenly, as he was driving around a loud, petrified scream arose. Bill took off and arrived at a house where he found a father saying “My baby is choking!” Of course Bill leapt into action, and didn’t hesitate to help. When he arrived inside, a young mother holding a 4 month old child was crying. “The child was almost turning blue and definitely not breathing,” Bill stated in an interview. From his past experiences, Bill knew just what to do. He had been in the fire department, paramedic unit, police department, and a Cook County Jail guard, so he knew what he was doing. Bill says he grabbed the baby and began doing what they call the infant version of the Heimlich maneuver. “It is very similar to the regular version of the maneuver, but instead of pushing on a person’s stomach, you push on the baby’s back, like you would try burping a baby,” said Bill. The baby soon had thrown up and was back to normal. His skin tone changed back from almost being blue; he had begun crying and was breathing again. By then, the fire department and paramedics had gotten to the scene. Then, the little baby boy was taken to Christ Hospital to be treated.

I would like to present Bill with an award. Not just any award. Not just a life saving award but a major award. Bill has been there my entire life, looking after me, hanging out, and giving me advice. I’d like to give back to him and award him as Alsip’s finest policeman. His dedication to his current job and jobs before have all led up to the saving of his little boy. Without Bill we would have lost a special boy’s life. I can’t thank Bill enough for what he does every day, for his city and for me. I often take Bill for granted and know I am lucky that I have a great cousin. It doesn’t surprise me that Bill knew what to do to take action and save the boy. I know how helpful and smart he is in situations. I know the great things he has done in the past, and I know he will do great in the future.

Richie Lippert – St. Rita – DMSF

Picture credit: Jeanne Delaney