For Esteban

Hey everyone, what’s up? Today, we celebrate a birthday.  Not just anyone’s birthday, my best friend Esteban’s birthday. I want everyone to know just how much I care for and appreciate him. I’ve known him for a little over a year, but since I first met him, I knew being his friend wouldn’t be like any other friendships I’ve had before. Esteban is completely indescribable – in a good way, ofcourse. His personality is incomparable to anyone else’s. He’s one of a kind, he’s special. 

When I first began talking to Esteban, right off the bat, he was Zesty. He was (and still is) extremely funny and playful. Because of this, he gave off a welcoming vibe. I was drawn to him – I was eager to learn more about his interests and what kind of person he was. And he did not disappoint! I wasn’t the only one who realized this, however. Esteban is just a natural at making friends. He makes everyone around him feel comfortable almost instantly. It’s almost like a gift, maybe a talent. 

The greatness doesn’t end there though. 

His flamboyant attitude really shows when it comes to sports – he’s completely unafraid to collaborate with teammates, and show his skills off shamelessly. I’ve seen this myself, as I was lucky enough to be on a team with him in the past. In the face of potential failure, Esteban keeps going full-force. His perseverance is truly admirable, and he inspires me. And it’s not a surprise that he also has a great impact on our other teammates as well. Each point Esteban scored, our team would get a little more hopeful. His mindset and attitude is contagious, it really changes you. As I’ve stated previously, he’s inspired me. He’s inspired me to be resilient, and to embrace failures instead of dwell on them. He’s helped me to become more brave, and continues to motivate me to be successful. Not only for myself, but others as well.

One last thing I’d like to discuss is the extent of Estsban’s kindness – never ending. He always has time to listen. He’s a good person to talk to when you’re feeling down because he’s so empathetic. Even when he’s stressed or utterly drained, he always seems to have time for everyone. It’s so easy to trust him. You may find yourself telling him all your problems after a couple days. His advice is impeccable. He analyzes every situation and offers a great outside perspective, regardless of the situation.

Esteban, you’re amazing. In every way. You may not realize it, but you’re very important (and as you heard) not only to me, but everyone you come into contact with. Your charisma, courage, and kindness are incomparable to anyone else’s. You change people for the better, and having you around is a blessing. You, as a whole, are completely indescribable. I wish for only good things to come to you. 

Happy Birthday to Esteban, my Best Friend.

Faith Comas – Morton – DMSF