From a fixed to a growth mindset on books

Have you ever wanted to find a new book series to read? Or maybe you wanted to try a new genre? Then you should check out the author James Dashner.

James Dashner is an American author who writes speculative fiction. Most of his books are focused on children or young adults. His most popular book series is the Maze Runner series, which has five books. Two of the books are prequels: The Kill Order and The Fever Code. Then we have the trilogy: The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, and The Death Cure.

So those are some facts about James Dashner, but now it’s time for my opinion. My first opinion is that I adore James Dashner’s books. I’ve read three of his book series: The Maze Runner series, The Morality Doctrine, and the Jimmy Fincher saga. I have read all of the books for those series, and I love each and every one of them. The first series I read out of all of them was the Maze Runner, and I can say that it changed my way of reading.

Before reading the Maze Runner I was very picky with books. The only books I would read were Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Captain Underpants. Then after watching the Maze Runner movie, I found out about the Maze Runner books. My mother ordered me the book series of the Maze Runner books and I started reading them. Once I started reading them, I found out that I was using all of my free time in school to read. I started reading them at the start of seventh grade and finished it halfway through the year.

After finishing the Maze Runner books, I wanted to read more of his books so my mom ordered me the Morality Doctrine series. That series was very different from the Maze Runner series, but I still absolutely loved this series of books. Just like the Maze Runner series, I read it for every single second of free time I had in school. I also finished this book within half the school year. So starting eighth grade I was going to read the Jimmy Fincher saga.

The Jimmy Fincher saga has four books, so it is in between the Maze Runner, which has five books and the Morality Doctrine which has three. the Jimmy Fincher series relates more to the Morality Doctrine series. As with the other series I obviously read it every millisecond I had. As well as with the other two, I fell head over heels for this series. I easily finished it within the school year.

After reading those books, I have started reading different genre books. The books by Erin Hunter, which is the warriors series, is what I’m currently reading. I can positively say that I wouldn’t have given these books a chance if I didn’t read James Dashner’s books. I wouldn’t have branched out more if I hadn’t read his books. So I kind of got a growth mindset to reading, if you think about it.

Now I know that I had a bit to say about James Dashner and his books, but it’s for a good reason. I really fell in love with reading books after that, and maybe if you read his books you might, too. Any of them from the Maze Runner to the Morality Doctrine or maybe his 13th Reality series which I’ve yet to read. Any of them could change your way of reading and can open you up to new genres like it did to me. So if I have anything to give to you readers after this, it is that you should give his books a try. The Maze Runner got a movie adaptation so you already know that it’s going to be good.

By Sean Pferschy – Marist – DMSF