Let soccer make you happy!

Let me tell you playing sports are one of the most amazing things that you can do. They have been proven to make you happy and stress free, endorphins are stress relievers and a lot of them are released when you actively play a sport. Playing sports have been proven to improve your physical health and mental health. Another bonus is that soccer encourages healthy relationships with teammates, and keeps you away from doing drugs or other addictive behavior. Soccer is the sport to go, that’s why it’s loved by hundreds of millions of people. 

Benefits of playing soccer:

  • You make a lot of friends
  • You can get scholarships
  • It is very good for you physical health
  • Keeps you away from addictive behavior
  • It Teaches you teamwork
  • Very good exercise for flexibility and strength
  • Reduces the chances of being depressed
  • You Meet a lot of people, and your friends could be on your team
  • It can improve your self-confidence

Soccer is a sport that doesn’t require years to learn, Sure you won’t be very good without training hard, but It’s a fun sport that from the beginning you will have fun.  Another bonus of playing soccer is that this sport is inexpensive, You won’t likely to spend more than $130.00 on soccer equipment. $15 for shinguard’s, $50 for a good ball and $80 for a pair of long lasting shoes. If you’re the type that wants to play competitively There are a lot of tournaments and leagues. In every part of the country there are different teams,You’ll find the right one for you. If you are worrying about entertainment don’t worry. There are a lot of professional leagues that you can watch on TV. For example, MLS, USL,Bundesliga, La Liga Santander, Serie A, Liga Mx,  Not to mention the world cup. The world cup is the most watched sport event in the world. In 2018, 1 billion viewers watched the final match of the world cup, France Vs Croatia. 

Seriously if you’re looking for a sport try the most loved sport in the world, Soccer. You won’t be disappointed, It has been one of the most popular sports since the 1800’s. There are even reports of a Soccer game in the middle of world war 1, It’s that fun and entertaining.

Armando Castro – Fenwick – DMSF

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