Letter through time

Dear past or future self,

To my future self I wish that we try our hardest no matter what. Enjoy the time that you have in school, have fun, enjoy the little things but try hard on your studies and sports. You have to remember that you can’t get where you want to be if it’s half effort. Make good friends but try your hardest in studies. Don’t give up if you just started you can’t be afraid to ask for help because small things can make the biggest changes. Asking questions is a good thing. They weren’t meant to make you seem like a wimp, they were meant to seem like you care. If you don’t want to ask the teacher in front of everyone, ask later but you still have to ask. Don’t forget you also have siblings to help you with work. Just remember wherever you step on that glossy court putting on  your stinky shoes remember that help is natural and try your best.

To my younger self we should have tried harder in everything. We also should have enjoyed the little things more. We should have acted less of a clown and have been a better student. We should have tried in more everything whether it’s sports or school or even friends. I wish we would have cared more in the grades we got in class. It would have been nice too see what would have happened. All things happen for a reason is what my grandma would tell me. I believe that I could have changed the out come of everything if I put more effort in everything.  I wish that I had a growth mindset when I was younger. Unfortunately nobody can change the past but you can only influence the future.

Santiago (Santi) Preciado – Cristo Rey – DMSF