Painting up a new hobby?

Did you know that people have been painting for as long as 30,000 years! Yes, that long. I’m here to encourage you to try a new thing, a hobby that maybe you never enjoyed, but you really should. I’m here to tell you about the art of painting. Painting is amazing in so many ways. It can lead to stress relief, it will allow you to tap into your creativity, and it can calm you down. 

Painting leads to stress relief. When I paint I release all my stress and thoughts. I started painting in seventh grade when all the stress of school began. After weeks of painting I began to feel good and have a sense of calmness. When I paint I feel relaxed—like that canvas, those paintbrushes and I are the only things in the world. Painting also results in positivity because I can’t paint when I have negative thoughts—I need my mind to be positive so that I can imagine things to paint. I was stressed because of the high school process and I was under a lot of pressure in seventh grade, but I found painting to be a great help. This is one reason you should consider painting to be your next hobby.

Another reason painting is great is because it will allow you to tap into your creativity. As you paint you can do whatever you want and never have to follow specific directions. As Helen Frankenthaler once stated, “Every canvas is a journey all on its own,” meaning a canvas can be what you want it to be, anything is art. Many artists paint anything that comes to mind. Much like me—I paint things that are important to me but to others are maybe purposeless. For example, I paint abstract and abstract is basically lines or designs made into art. The point is anything is art and that’s the beauty of it.

Finally, if you’re considering painting there are many methods that can be done: acrylics, water colors, and even oil. I personally recommend acrylic and watercolor because they are the easiest method. I think if you’re beginning you should definitely start with acrylic. Other supplies you need would be paint brushes; you can use any brushes you please. These are some supplies you can use for your new hobby.

In conclusion, painting is a great hobby because it can lead to stress relief, you can be creative, and it can calm you down. I really encourage you to try painting especially if you’re a freshman and you’re very overwhelmed with school and change. Thank you for reading. I hope you find painting to be an answer to all your stress. I know I did!

Isaac Soto – Marist – DMSF

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