The truth behind the mask

Hey Noah,

I advise you to read this letter. It’s from me! Well, you, but four years later. I know it’s crazy but it’s true—we’re the same person. I know everything about you and I know what will happen. Don’t get scared though. We’ll be okay. However….

A lot of pain could have been avoided if you understood what I know now years later. So keep on reading—I know you will because that’s the type of person you are. You have a tough battle ahead. The crazy part is it’s with yourself. I won’t go into too much detail but just know that you changed your character. And that changed the very essence of who Noah is.

You were a hot mess that summer. Acting the exact opposite of how you were raised—if only your mom saw you I wonder what she would say. No matter how much you wanted to fit in you couldn’t, and they knew. Which caused you to act more reckless than ever before. You were like a light switch—flicked it on and the visage started, flicked it off and the visage ended. The hidden Noah that was once buried was now fighting to come to the light. Every day a piece of you came forward, till one day courage stood up and came forward.

I now know that beauty is from within, and you shouldn’t change who you are for others. You won’t realize this in a day, but over many months you will figure out the value of friendship and self-love. Once you grasp that piece of knowledge, the sky’s the limit! You will come across people who need you to shine your beacon of light down on them. This will cause you to have great friends and newfound confidence.

As you grow into your true self, remember that you are here for a reason. You have a gift when it comes to people. They lean on you the most for love and support. You know what it’s like to be at your breaking point, which allows you to be an amazing friend to others. 

I hope you take my advice in this letter. The information that I am offering you will lead you to new opportunities. You have goals and the path you are on will stop you from accomplishing them. You will want academic success in the future, and by taking a new path success will be open to you.

My last parting thought that I leave you with is to always stay true to yourself. Be a light for others and never let anyone stop you from using your voice for the greater good. 


Noah Bailey Green – De La Salle – DMSF`