Trip up future lane

Dear elderly Kayja Preston (KP),

I can’t travel to the future, but I am you. It’s creepy I know, but I didn’t have to look for you. Wherever you are, just know it’s a good place. Even if you’re standing still on concrete, running on air, or even racing a flying car, just know you are a great person. Know that you can do whatever you want to do, even at the age of 61 or on the specific day of May 16 when you turn 62. You did amazing. Know that you are always enough. Know that loving yourself is the most important thing, even when it’s the hardest thing to do.

The memories that you are making are amazing. Remember that time when you ran in the snow to give your mom her new keys for her new electric blue Lamborghini Veneno. The way you fell was so funny. You tried your best not to fall. I mean you were basically skating. Trying to grab everything on the way down, but there was nothing around you. Eventually you fell, but I know your face was cold when it hit the snow. You didn’t even see the huge patch of ice before you fell. Didn’t she name that car Jello, my mistake it was actually Fallen. She drove that car almost every day.That time when you ran into the living room from your bedroom and tried to jump on the couch because you successfully flipped a house on your own. I could tell that apprenticing real estate payed off. I am proud of you for pursuing your dream in real estate, but how did you miss the couch and still hit your toe? I’m so confused on how. The fact that you laughed it off means you hit your toe too much. You are the first and only person will ever know with strong toes, but you’re still beautiful.

I can see your family is growing, too. That proposal was very beautiful. When you were 28 and your family was throwing a Thanksgiving party. At the dinner table at your grandmother’s house when you sat down and your boyfriend got down on one knee and asked you, “Will you marry me?” I never thought that day was gonna come, but I’m so happy you got to marry him. He is a wonderful person. I wouldn’t have it no other way. You should be with a person who supports you through anything, and he is the one. Haven’t you been with him since 7th grade? Wow, that’s a long time.

Especially the time when you were living with your grandma. That brown chair in the kitchen that you kept hitting your toe on. If I’m not mistaken, don’t you have a brown chair in your kitchen that you still hit your toe on? Maybe I will hop through a time portal, so we can beat it up for terrorizing our pinky toe. Maybe child-proof your house for your own safety as an adult, so your toes won’t fall off. For some reason this made me think about how people can be born without knees. Why, I don’t exactly know. It also brought the idea that everyone is born different and for different reasons. I think you are accomplishing great things even with the flaws. You go girl. Be your own boss. 

Shake your tail feathers. I hope you still like the movie Rio by the way. “I want to party. I want to samba…” I hope this letter makes you feel special, like you are the only star in the sky. Always shine your brightest and remember that you can do whatever you want. Even swim in the sky with the cloud fish. I believe in you. I also love you even if I haven’t necessarily met you. Lies, I am you. I hope you’re still as funny as I am when you get older. I don’t want to be boring when I get older. God made you perfectly.

I love this letter. I hope it serves you well that I did the program in the future. I thought that the Summer Bridge program was going to be boring. The Zoom calls from 8:30 to 4, having more homework and class work. It was basically like school all over again, but I can’t lie—I loved it. Especially the writers workshop. It gave me a chance to explore the way that I write. Try not to hurt your foot. Please! I kind of want my feet to be pretty when I get older, so I can at least walk in the sand. Just kidding, on second thought I’m serious. Be good.

Love Yourself,

Kayja Preston – De La Salle – DMSF