A book that could change the way you view reading

When you were a kid, were you ever the type to willingly pick up a book and start reading it? As a kid, I remember that I absolutely loathed reading, whether it be for an assignment for school or your parents telling you to finally read a book for a change, so I have no doubt in my mind that at least some of you dislike reading. However, I think I have a book that can completely change that for you. It’s called, The Maze Runner by James Dashner.

Let me tell you a little story. Last year I had to write a book report on a book of my choice. At the time I still strongly disliked reading and I knew that would take a toll on my grade. When my sister took me to the local library she had recommended The Maze Runner to me and I ultimately decided, why not try? When I started reading it, it was everything I could have hoped for. Just the concept itself was intriguing A group of teenage boys trapped in a massive and dangerous maze with no knowledge on who they are, how they got there, or why they are there, but all they know to do is survive.

I wont go into full detail on what happens but what I will say is that when I read that last page and closed the book, my brain was begging me for more. More action! More Drama! More  More strange and disfigured creatures trying to murder off the protagonists!

Before I would gag at the idea of having to read another book for school, but this book, this book had changed everything I had known about reading. It was almost like a revelation to me. I even started taking a fondness to more of James Dasher’s work.

It is without question that The Maze Runner is an amazing book, no pun intended, and to me it will forever be the book that not only changed the way I view reading, but it also changed my life, so let me tell you, If you have never willingly picked up a book and decided to read it even if it was not for an assignment, check out the book, The Maze Runner by James Dashner and i guarantee that will change pretty quickly.

Jared Farias – Brother Rice – DMSF