How to hit a baseball

Hitting a baseball is fairly easy, it’s all in your hips (that’s where all your power comes from.) You must always watch the ball but also be able to get the timing right as well as hitting the ball the right way. While keeping your eyes on the ball you must have perfect timing when swinging the ball for a good hit. If you want a good hit you should swing before the ball reaches the plate so you are able to hit the ball with the barrel of the bat to give you as much power as possible. If you are trying to reach your full power that is where your hips come into play. While you have to work on your timing you must also work on your form. Your form is the way you stand before, while, and after the ball is pitched. You stance before the pitch should be your own style but consists of 1 main part. You should have all your wait on you dominant foot while you load up before you make your swing. Loading up means to make a small step while you twist your body following through with your swing to have enough power to have a good hit. When you follow through your body follows your swing putting all the weight that you were putting in your back foot you transfer it all in your swing then into the ball. This is the way to correctly hit a baseball.

Carlos Adames – Holy Trinity – DMSF