Young people will change the world

There are many harsh things happening in the world right now that need to stop. Things like injustice, gun violence, bullying, and most importantly police brutality. Many people are protesting and fighting for their lives to get justice because police keep taking away innocent people’s lives. Some people are getting scared to live in this world and let their children grow up here because they fear what may happen to them. The police shouldn’t abuse their rights like that, they should just do their actual job and stop being fast to take someone’s life without finding out if they did something or not. It’s sad what our world has turned into so together we have to do something to change this. We can’t even achieve our goals because so many horrible things are happening in this world that is preventing us. Many young people are starting movements against police brutality because they are not waiting on adults to make a change, it is now their chance and they will take it. They are advocating for themselves and what they believe in. They are growing up to be leaders in this world and they are demanding change, so they can talk about all the issues that are bothering them. Many young people have protested and spoke out against injustice and what’s going on in the world because they want people to hear them loud and clear and they want them to actually do something about it. We can make our world better by speaking up against all that injustice and violence happening right now, if we don’t do that then everything will stay the same, which we do not want. We risk our lives everyday because our world is full of inequality, racism, and discrimination. Young people aren’t the only ones that should be the main people out here trying to create revolution. We need to learn from each other and see that police brutality should never have happened and that we should stick up for what we believe in because if we stay silent nothing will change and it will just get worse. So talk to people about ideas you have on how to change the world and get people on board to help you because you never know who will support your ideas if you don’t say anything about it. Maybe you could have meeting’s with people and they talk about how they feel about what’s happening in the world and how they could do something to change that or prevent that from happening. You could also go on social media and start hashtags trending about what they need to stop from happening in today’s society or what they stand up for. Many people of age can do these things including, the elderly, young adults, young teens or children because everyone could make a change. Remember if we create change now, then the world will get better for everyone and they could have their normal lives back so do what you can.

Quaitrin Curtis – Holy Trinity – DMSF

Photo by Koshu Kunii on Unsplash