A passion for many

Every person has a passion. Some people already know what their passion is, others are still seeking it. Personally I have already found mine and it’s basketball. I have always loved the sport since I was able to speak. I really recommend basketball for people who don’t like it or have never played it. My goal is that after reading my contribution you, too, will give it a try.

My journey began when I was about seven. My uncle introduced me to basketball and encouraged me to try it. Little did I know he would be introducing me to much more than basketball. He introduced me to my passion at a very young age. That was just the beginning for me. Later I joined my first basketball team at school when I was in 5th grade and had so much fun. I wasn’t the best player but it gave me purpose. It encouraged me to keep going because I’m only going to get better. 

There are many benefits to playing basketball, such as exercise, self discipline, having good sportsmanship, and endurance. Basketball has affected me in every single one of those ways. If you are looking to get taller and more fit this is the sport you want to be playing. In 6th grade I was 5’2. Since then I grew 7 inches almost 8. Also, I lost so much weight and became more fit. I was really obese as a kid—I weighed 100 pounds when I was just in 5th grade. Basketball really changed me mentally and physically.

If you are still not convinced that you want to try basketball, then you should at least watch it. I know that the NBA season is suspended right now, but it will resume very soon. You can even watch old clips on your phone, computer, ipad, etc. There are many players that are icons of the NBA that play now. They include Lebron James, Steph Curry, Kawaii Leonard, Chris Paul, and many others. My favorite player is Russell Westbrook. He plays for the Houston Rockets and wears number zero. He will always be my favorite because of his attitude. Never trash talk Russell Westbrook because he will match that same energy and dominate you. As you watch the NBA you, too, will find your favorite player, and that is what makes the game even more fun to play and watch.

I’m not saying that basketball has to be your passion, but it could be. I just want everyone reading this to give it a try one day. If you choose to do so, I have some tips to share. Have good sportsmanship, never be afraid of competition, learn a new move every day, and most importantly…never give up!

Esteban Ruiz – Chicago Hope – DMSF

Photo by Nick Jio on Unsplash