Hold on! Experience a challenge

It’s not easy going out with a group. If someone in the group wants to do something, you are all automatically signed up for it, too. This past summer I had the delight of going through this truth. I was in summer camp when they offered groups to go tubing together. Everyone else was super excited to be able to go tubing, but I didn’t know what tubing was. Due to camp regulations, I couldn’t do the things most of us do when we need help—use the internet. I could not look up what tubing was, and I didn’t want to be the one to bring down the mood by being unsure about joining. I mean, whatever it was it couldn’t be too hard, right? Thankfully, in the end, it was a great experience. 

Once we arrived at the lake, I saw small boats with blue floats attached to their backs. I finally understood what we were going to do! Going into the fresh cold water on a hot summer day seemed like a great idea. Of course, someone needed to volunteer to go first, but I was not ready yet. I had an idea of what tubing could be, but it’s always best to see an example of what to do. My friends went for the plunge and started to crawl onto the float. As we set off, riding quickly, I was being sprayed by water and hit by cool summer wind while hearing my friends laugh and scream holding tightly onto the float. Okay, it seems fun, my turn!

I crouched down onto the float slowly and lay belly down, holding onto the two handles. I looked next to me and there was my camp leader smiling. She wasn’t afraid of the speed or the water—she was ready for the experience. Slowly the boat started to speed up, and the bumps began! Huge splashes of water and gushes of wind went against my face. It was exhilarating! It felt great to be out on lake with my friends, and I was ready for another ride. I went on a second ride with my best friend and enjoyed my time with her. Laughing with her as we struggled to hold on to the float was not the smartest idea as we ended up in the water after a couple of minutes, but it was all a part of the ride. It all felt great!

After the first ride, I saw what I had missed out on all these years. Why hadn’t I gone tubing before? Don’t commit the same mistake as me. Try new things. Go to a nearby lake and ask for a tubing ride.

It isn’t an everyday experience. Going tubing can be something you cross off that bucket list. It can be a new joy that can expand your curiosity. It is also a great activity to do with your friends. The person you ride with will be able to trust you more after you both go through the challenges of tubing. Tubing can be both a beneficial and a fun experience.

Arlette Correa – Western Reserve Academy – DMSF

First photo by Christian Joudrey on Unsplash. Second photo from Adobe Stock.