There’s Nothing She Can’t Do!

Hello Family and Friends, 

Thank you all for coming to my virtual 8th grade 2020 graduation! Let me say that it’s unfortunate we couldn’t all be together to celebrate like I had hoped for and planned. It’s too bad my 8th-grade year didn’t turn out to be anything that I had envisioned for all these years. But what the world is going through right now definitely takes precedent. What I do know is that I was able to finish my 8th-grade year strong. Let me be clear: I would not be where I am today without the help and support of my amazing loving mother. So right now I would like to take this time to share with you all the sincere gratitude, admiration, love, and respect that I have for my amazing mother.

My mom is my role model, coach, best friend, and number one fan! My mother has been my sole provider ever since I can remember. She has taught me so many things like how to be kind, loving, and respectful but also to have a strong will and to always be determined. My mother is the kind of person who puts 100% in everything and anything that she does, especially when it comes to taking care of me to make sure that I am happy and healthy. She knows me so well! While growing up if I were to ever show any interest in something, she would say “Do you wanna sign up for the club, class, sport, or activity?” Or “Do you want to try it out first to see if you like it?” If I did ever want to try something new, she would make it happen.

My mom is not a quitter, and I’m not either because of her! Even when I thought I wanted to be. For example, when I was three years old my mom signed me up for a class that I didn’t want to join. I told her that I was afraid once I got into class—I just sat at the edge of the pool and cried telling my mom that I wanted to quit. She said we weren’t going home or going to quit and that I was going to just have to sit on the edge of the pool for the entire class if that’s what I wanted to do. Plus, she said that I could be learning instead of crying or sitting on the edge of the pool. So taking her advice I got up and joined the class and ended up loving it. That was the year I learned how to swim. My mother always follows through with what she says she’s going to do.

When I was little my father passed away from cancer. This was a difficult time for my mother—she had to take on both roles of being both my mother and father. Now looking back on it, I never knew how hard it must have been for her during that difficult time. But now that I’m older I can only imagine some of the struggles she must have gone through. My mom has always loved and supported me no matter what was going on in her world. She is one of the most resilient people I know. After my father’s passing, my mom went back to college to pursue her degree, and she even ran a marathon though she wasn’t much of a runner. She has taught me how to set goals and the process I need to take to achieve them. Throughout my childhood and teen years, she has always made sure that I am loved, supported, and respected. My mom has taught me how to advocate for myself, to love myself, and how to be confident with what I know, who I am, and what I stand for. She has also taught me not to put up with anyone’s negative comments or treatment. 

My mother not only has been there for me all these years but she has also been a role model and support system for my classmates, friends, and teachers. My friends at school would also enjoy and respect my mom when she would be with us at school. Throughout my entire elementary and middle school career, my mother has attended every class field trip and class party and has even gone on every overnight trip. My mom has given back to my school community; she also had an active role with my school’s parent fundraising committee. She was even my school’s chess coach when she was told that there was no longer going to be a chess team if there wasn’t an instructor. Ever since I was five years old she has been my summer soccer league coach. My mom is a competitor, a fighter—she’s funny, giving and fun-loving, but she is very strict. When it comes to school, she doesn’t mess around. Over the years my mom got to know all of my friends and teachers at school. She would help out in my class or with my teacher or any other activity my school needed help with. Not only did she do things for me—she did things for my classmates, too. My mother has always been present, reliable, accountable in my life! My mom is my number one supporter. She gives me some of the best advice and only wants the best for me.  

When I was ten years old my mom saved my life when she rushed me to the hospital. It turned out I had a ruptured appendix. When we arrived at the children’s hospital, I was in bad shape physically. For the next 21 days, I would stay at the hospital with my mom sleeping in the chair to the side of me giving me the hope and strength to get better as well as to never give up. Ever since then I have continued to stay healthy.

This past year has been quite challenging. It was difficult for me not being able to see my friends daily and having to switch to remote learning. At home, I didn’t have the best computer and internet speed, but that didn’t stop me from being the best I could be. My mother figured out how to make it better and easier for me. I am a better person because of her and her discipline. I have always worked hard in school with her guidance and support. I got into my number one choice school, which took a lot of hard work, dedication, and determination, along with lots of support, love, and guidance from my mom. My mom’s mindset is and always has been “When there’s a will, there’s a way.” At times I wanted to give up on myself, but my mother never allowed me to fail because she knew I had what it took—I just had to believe in myself. Let me end by saying that my mother has been through a lot of life lessons and experiences, but no matter what she has always been resilient coming out on top by being even stronger, smarter, and braver than ever. I admire her for that. I think everyone needs a wonderful and supportive mother like mine who only wants the best for you. I’m just so grateful to have her as my mother, and because of what she has done and said to/for me I will continue to strive to always be the best I can possibly be as well as achieve all of my life’s goals. Thank you and now let us celebrate! Cheers!

Diego Miranda – The Latin School – DMSF