The Day Blackbird Got its Wings Clipped

It is still unbelievable that critically acclaimed restaurant, Blackbird, is closing its doors forever. First opened in 1997, by Chef Paul Kahan. The restaurant had been one of the few restaurants in Chicago to hold a Michelin star for a long period of time. Its elegant Midwestern cuisine with French influences was more than enough for Blackbird to gain a Michelin in 2011. It’s timeless decor has kept it modern and minimalist for the last 22 years. The phrase, if the walls could speak the stories it could tell, couldn’t be more true in this situation. Family dinners, first dates, birthdays, and weddings have all been held in the tiny restaurant located at 619 W Randolph St. It’s sad to think that someone’s business could go from booming with success to clearing out all your belongings the next. Employees unknowingly finishing their last shifts. This Chicago landmark had influenced our city in ways restaurants dream of doing one day. As an avid home cook, it is always a sad day to say goodbye to any restaurant, good or bad.

Matthew Bermeo – St. Ignatius – DMSF